Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday- Running Wishes

Happy Tuesday All, I have a fun Ten Things Tuesday for you!
So a few weeks back I did my top 10 running treasures, so today I am doing my top 10 running wants! Especially with marathon training gearing up, and my birthday… There have been a lot of things that I have my eye on, so here they are

1. Nike Pacer Running Skirt in Urgent Orange


So I have this skirt in gray now and I LOVE it, but I’m sure as you have seen this picture a few times on the blog now, you know I am dying for it in Orange, perfect for any Game-Day Races AND super easy to spot the girl running in a neon orange skirt! We saw it first at Dick’s about a month ago, but they no longer have my size:( and finding a medium anywhere online has not proven successful, but I would kill to get my hands on this skirt!

2. Race Registration
tri2btuff logo
Races being the culmination of all your hard work are always worth it in my book, but can get quite pricey. This Challenge is a 3 half-marathon series comprised of the 3 large fall Half-Marathons in Jacksonville, and one I am very anxious to complete. With several races in my sight for the fall, I have found myself prioritizing my race registrations for the races where the prices go up soon, those get registered for first, even if they aren’t until next year- So if anyone is really curious as to a good Stephanie gift, All my race entry fees covered for a year (or even a season) would be great, Thanks!

3. Nike Pro Core 2.5” Compression Shorts

Umm, I need these shorts! They bring me back to my spandex wearing volleyball days, and since all my old spandex are too big to wear anymore, I am looking for a quality replacement. I have tried these on dozens of times at Sports Authority, and with a cheap price tag I am surprised I have not bought them yet. These are super comfortable, and would help with the mass amounts of sweating during long runs since I don’t have to worry about wet and loose fabric sticking to me while running.

4. Spi Belt

I have been coveting runners with Spi Belts since my Half Marathon in February. I kicked myself for not buying one of these at the expo because I really wanted to have my camera while running, but I didn’t and I will make sure I have one before the marathon. I have read nothing but great reviews on these belts that are super stretchy and hold all you junk while running so you don’t have to ;) If you want one, check it out here

5. Nike Dri-Fit Fundamental Road Race Running Shorts

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am a Nike Junkie, especially their short, that’s all I wear. This is a newer and shorter style of running shorts that I recently tried on, and I really like them. A girl from the race this past weekend had them on in the same Urgent Orange color that the above skirt is in, I figure I need the shorts that also match the skirt, the pink is pretty cute too! I think the different length and style of the shorts is cute, flattering, and again more successful with the mass sweating while running condition I have.

6. Foam Roller

I am in love with the foam roller! The only one I have access to is at the gym, but it is a pain to go up there after running outside just to stretch and roll, so I am dying to get one of my own, but have not been able to bring myself to spend $25+ on a log of foam.

7.  Nike Pacer Running Top

I can’t discriminate against the Nike top, these racerbacks are nice, light, and come in lots of colors!

8. Nike Pro Core Running Capris

Even though we are experiencing a record heat wave right now, my eyes are turning towards the much anticipated cool weather, fall running. These capris are the same design and fabric as the shorts above, I have tried these on too, fit like a glove, gets me excited for the fall, that and the cooler temps!

9. Fuel!!!

Sport Beans and Vanilla Bean Flavored Gu are my favorite ways to fuel mid-run. These babies are not the cheapest sugary snacks to buy, so I would love to get or order a case of each to keep me fully stocked for this upcoming training cycle. I have heard that Running Warehouse or Amazon has pretty good prices on a full case- any advice on where to order from????

10.  Skull Candy Headphones

I have not yet tried these headphones but I really want to/need to. I have serious issues with my ipod issued earbuds slipping out of my ears, especially when I get really sweaty (which is all the time). I have hear good things about these and that they stay put pretty well. I have seen them many times at TJ Maxx up near the checkout but can’t bring myself to buy them when I have perfectly capable, yet annoying, headphones at home. I would like to try these though, does anyone have any experience with them?

So there you have it, My Christmas Wish List so to speak of running items. Clothes tend to dominate here, but I find myself rebuilding my workout wardrobe again as most of last summers running clothes are now too big. Do you have any of these awesome items? Are they as worth it as I think they are???


  1. awesome wish list. now i want all those items too but sadly my birthday is months away hah

  2. So I have the Nike Pacer top and Love it and I have the Nike Road Race shorts and Love them as well!

    Nice wish list, seems PERFECT since your Birthday is approaching... smart girl ;)

  3. I had a foam roller, lots of gu, a spi belt and those short little spandex shorts! I LOVE my little spandex ... and I want them in more colors (I have black) but I'm kind of scared about having weird sweat lines. Gray would probably work well, too though ... though I have my eyes on the highlighter pink. HA!

  4. You need the Spibelt. I love mine!