Monday, June 14, 2010

Countdown Monday

Happy Monday all! Today is a day of countdowns for me!

T- 1 week until Marathon Training begins
T-16 Days until my Vacation
T- 3 weeks until my Birthday!

Summer is in full swing here in North Florida. We hit 97 degrees today with a heat index making it feel like 103 + humidity all day- it was not cool!

Despite the disgusting weather I got in a quality 4 mile tempo run today. I opted to keep today's mileage low since I was running around all morning, and I didn't have a rest day yesterday.

I did 4 miles in 35:44 or 8:56 pace. The 2 'tempo' miles were done at 8:32 pace which was 3 seconds faster than my average pace during my 5k this weekend, I expect to torch that PR in my next 5k.

Tomorrow will tell for sure, but I am hoping to make a trip out to OBA this weekend for Father's Day, so here is crossing my fingers that all falls into place the way I want. I am planning to get in a little bit longer run tomorrow morning before the sun comes up, hopefully the temps will stay in the 70s-low 80 range while I'm out! See ya Tuesday!

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  1. i freaking love countdowns haha. hope the temps stay "cool" for you :)