Thursday, June 24, 2010

Never Doing That Again

So I am pretty sure that the title gives it away, but today's run is something I would never like to experience ever again!

Last night I went to bed planning to get up and be out the door for an short and easy 4 miles by 5:45am. John has gotten back into running and planned to do 2-3 miles too. Well this morning I was stiff and John was tired and he made the suggestion to run after work. We always used to run in the evenings and it was nice, so I figured why not, and then I could go back to sleep, AND still have someone to run with tonight.

The most important rule of this story is to never listen to your boyfriend! John got home from work tonight and we were out the door right at 6:20pm, to give you an idea of how this story ends, I will break it down:

Run: 4 miles, 6:20pm
Conditions:  91* (feels like 95) 54% humidity and Sunny

Obviously the sun and the heat nearly killed me, everything felt pretty normal running wise, but the heat was brutal and it sent my heart rate sky high. I finished feeling shakey and sick despite the fact that I brought a water bottle with me. Despite the Hades like conditions, I actually managed a quality run, and one of the last 4 miles runs to be seen for quite some time.

4 miles- 37:40, avg. pace 9:26, avg HR 184 (yikes!!!)
Mile 1- 9:33
Mile 2- 9:31
Mile 3- 9:19
Mile 4- 9:17

As soon as we stopped, John and I vowed to Never Ever do that again. All runs will be done in the morning, preferably in the dark, or at the gym until the weather starts to return to something civilized. I swore to myself somewhere during mile 3 that I would never again complain about the running in the cold during the winter, in fact I was actually begging to bring it back ASAP.

Shoe Update: The tape on the shoe did not help, and the blister cover on my foot seemed to make it worse. I did try tying my shoes tighter today since loose and sliding shoes are often the cause of blisters, no luck, still a big blister. The old shoes will be worn this weekend until I can get these new ones under control. I read today that Aron is having pretty much the same problem with the same shoes, good to know I'm not alone.

I also read online today that runners should be getting an extra minute of sleep per night every mile I run each week- so 32 mpw this week is an extra 30 minutes per night, better get to bed!

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  1. ouch on those conditions. definitely sound brutal. but way to tough it out and still get some good miles in.

    and i don't want to hear that sleep thing as i already don't sleep enough hah!