Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Half way there

So I am a bit late for a Monday post, but here it goes...

Sunday evening I headed up to the gym for a weights session which has left me moderately sore. I spent more time watching Scrubs and not cleaning the house, but such is life.

Monday morning I knew I had a busy day ahead so I figured I would get in an afternoon workout. Well a super crazy day later I finally made it to the gum, it was waaaay too hot at this point to run outside, so I had a sort of tempo/ race simulation planned today. I have a 5k on Saturday and kind of have forgotten how to run fast. So I figured I would do a moderate 2 mile warm-up and then 3 miles a little slower than 5k pace.

I had a lot on my mind yesterday, and this run just cane so easy, it felt amazing! The warm-up was comfortable and the 3 near race pace were even easier, I love when everything just clicks.

5 miles- 44:35, 8:55 avg pace
mile 1- 9:30
mile 2- 9:25
mile 3- 8:49
mile 4- 8:36
mile 5- 8:15

.5 mile cool down 4:41

Another fun detail that made this run even better was the fact that this put me over 500 miles for the year. My goal was to do 1,000+ miles in 2010 and I am now half way there with the heaviest parts of my mileage still ahead of me! Marathon training starts in 2 weeks, so excited!!!

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  1. Half way there and half way through the year! That's so great!!!