Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ten Things Tuesday- It's Back

So last week I got busy, aka lazy and didn't get up a 10 Things Tuesday post, so we are back to the weekly tradition which is great because I have quite a lot to say today!

1. Even though unplanned, I pulled a double today, getting in 6.5 total miles. I did my morning run which is what I had planned, but once home this evening, John decided he wanted to go for a short run. Since I never get to run with him anymore I put my shoes on again and went out with him.

2. So my planned AM run was 4.5 miles easy. I did 4.5 miles in 41:18 or 9:10 avg pace. My pace was varied, sometimes slower, sometimes quite a bit faster, but the pace felt great the whole time.

3. For our evening run John and I did 2 more easy miles. My legs are super tired, mostly from Sunday's weights, but 2 days of quality running contributes. We kept a slow easy pace which was perfect for John, he did great! His first run in a while and he did 2 miles in about 21 minutes without stopping!

4. I have been on a baking frenzy the last few days. It started with muffins, and then oatmeal cookies (my favorite) and then some chocolate chip cookies. There are many baked goods in my house now, and I am the only one who likes them and is here to eat them all.

5. As I mentioned earlier, I do have a 5k this weekend, after an awesome run yesterday, I am super pumped for it, and ready to see what I can do. I do have a strategy for this race, and I am really eager to see how it works out.

6.  Even though I have an awesome strategy for this race, I am also in need of some serious help! The race starts at 8pm (weird, I know) but the post-race party is supposed to be awesome! I have never been in a race that didn't start pretty much at the crack of dawn, so I am a little inexperience and confused on how to approach my preperation for this- All help welcomed, I would love to hear anyone's stories from a night race

7.  To ensure that I am rested and my legs are fresh I don't want to do too much on Saturday so I thought I might go see the new Sex and the City movie. I have heard mixed reviews, but I don't care I really want to see it!

8. My birthday/beach trip is coming up in 4 weeks, I am super excited for a week long vacation at our new beach house, I also have some pretty stellar runs planned for my trip as well!

9. We are down to less than 2 weeks until marathon training starts. I feel super ready, but the idea of 18 and 20 mile runs in the August heat and humidity has me terrified.

10. I am pretty sure my 400+ miles shoes were a big contributor to my calf pain this past weekend, I am debating pulling out my new shoes to avoid any unnecessary pain. Thoughts on starting a new pair of shoes the week of a race? I am a bit hesitant to do that especially since I doubt 20 miles will make that much of a difference, but my current shoes are pretty much shot.

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