Thursday, June 10, 2010

Easy day

So I wouldn't normally take an ice bath after a 7 mile run, but I knew today would have been bad if I hadn't. I am happy to report that I woke up to fresh legs today, better than they have been all week- good to know the ice really does work.

I just did 4 easy miles this morning, I had planned to do 2 more with John tonight but we got busy, lazy and Peachie needed a walk so we did that instead.

Today I did manage to go pick up my race packet for Saturday, I am super pumped, and made a new playlist. It was amazing how few songs were needed for a 5k playlist, it felt so easy.

I have also started to think about my pacing plan for a sub-27 race, closer to 26 would be nice. I have no idea how to pace a 5k, it seems starting slow to not burn out just slows you down, but as I learned in January, starting like a bat out of he'll will usually kill me by mile 2. Should I just start at 8:20 and hold on for dear life??? For successful 5k runners, please give recommendations!


  1. no shame in taking an ice bath if you wake up with fresh legs! i soooooooooooo need to get on the ice bath train!

    and i WISH i had advice for your 5k. but i've only run one aaaaaaaaand. mixed feelings hahah

  2. Good luck tomorrow! I tend to start slow and get faster but I think it's all about how you trained.

  3. I'm no 5K pro, but I figure it's 3.1 miles and I can run 3.1 miles so I just run hard and then try to hold on (but usually die miserably). They're not my favorite race, so GOOD LUCK!!!!! Can't wait to hear how you do!! :)