Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 Things Tuesday

It's Tuesday again, I have been super busy today, so here is a run-down.

1. I got up early again today for an easy no pressure 6 mile run, I thought I was being smart by starting before the sun, I still did not start early enough...

2. Run- 6 miles, 58 minutes. 5:45am, 78 degrees, 94% humidity. Yuck!!! The weather bit me in the butt the last 2 miles and totally killed my pace, but it still puts me at an average 9:40 pace.

3. The cooler temps were great during the first 2 miles, I was at a good pace and feeling good, at that point the humidity drowned me like the swimming pool that it is, and I was pretty pathetic for the remainder of the run. The sun was fully up by mile 4, and while it was a little overcast, it left me wishing I had started earlier.

4. I wore my new shoes for the second time today...not loving them yet. These new ones are Asics GT-2150 which is a slightly more neutral shoe than my previous Asics Gel Kayanos that I just retired.

5. The new shoes are rubbing inside of my right arch, and giving it an ever so slight blister. Left foot feels great, and they actually feel great to run it, so I think it just might be a new fit that will take a few runs to  break in. I remember having a similar feeling when I bought the Kayanos, but it never left a mark, and it went away within probably 2-3 runs. I am giving it until the end of the week, and if they still rub, they are going back.

6. Tomorrow is my first marathon training track session, I am actually a little nervous, I have some pretty ambitious times to hit. Oh well, I'm still excited!

7. I spent a better part of my afternoon calling around to several differnet kennels in the area for Peachie to visit next week, I hate the idea of boarding her, it makes me want to cry:(

8. Peachie has to go to the doggie hotel because John and I are going on Vacation next week, back to the beach for 6 days to see Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney in a free Beach Concert and for the Fourth of July, my favorite holiday!

9. I have also decided to run the Make-a-Wish 5k at the Wharf on July 4th for my July race. I can't seem to travel without doing a race.

10. I will leave you with this


  1. wow that is some serious heat! gahhhhh for summer weather. not exactly the best for running. perfect to go to the beach though haha. i need a vacay!

  2. yea, i've gotta get up at at least 4-5am to make a good run these days! 4th of July is MY fave holiday too!!!!