Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Over the Weather - Under the Weather

So if read lots of blogs, or I suppose watch the news, you have probably already heard about the disgusting weather we have been experiencing in the Sunshine State.

To recap, we will start on Tuesday. Yesterday I got up for a run before work and it looked like this: 81 degrees with 87% humidity at 5AM!!! That's right, all that more than an hour before the sun came up! I have cut 1 mile off of every run this week just to stay fresh and be ready to go next week, so especially considering the miserable weather, I called this run at 3 miles, I was SO over this weather!

On to today: So you know how when the weather changes from hot to cool in the fall everyone seems to get a little sick...well I seem to be having the same issue now that weather has gone from Hot to Hotter. I have had a sore throat since Sunday morning, but until today it had not phased me, I had gotten in 3 runs, but today I felt seriously under the weather.

I really felt like I should not run today, but I wanted to run so I decided climate control might be better than heading outside again in the nasty weather. Well I told myself I would run for 10 minutes and see how I felt- verdict...I felt like death! But since I was already into the 2nd mile and I cannot run random mileage I kept going until mile 2. There were several funny old guys in the ESPN room with me, howling at the World Cup game on, and they kept me alive until TM rolled over to mile 2. I really should not have gone in the first place, and certainly should not have pushed the 2nd mile, but what's done is done.

I am hoping to get my speedwork in tomorrow before heading out of town this weekend, and then 2 more quality runs and a rest day on Sunday.

Here is hoping the rain they say is coming, comes, and cools this place down some!


  1. hope you (and the weather) start feeling better. take care!

  2. The humidity here is brutal!! BRUTAL!!!

  3. It's disgusting when you are soaking wet by mile 2!!!! Might as well run in our swim suits!!!

  4. After my DC humidity craziness, I totally understand where you're coming from!