Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mind Games

I have no ten things to discuss today, but there is one topic that has been on my mind, so I figure I will bore you to death with that :)

Running Update:
5:30am- 82* felt like 90* with 84% humidity

I had 5 miles easy on board for today, and I was just not feeling it this morning. It was sticky out, my left hip felt wierd, and to be honest I just can't get myself excited for easy whatever runs, I like having a plan and paces to hit, when I have no mental plan I find it harder to get myself pumped up.

I made myself follow the 10 minute rule, if I still felt blah after 10 minutes I could stop and resume later, but once I hit the one mile mark I told myself I needed to go another mile and then if I really wanted to turn around and cap it 4 miles I could, but once I hit mile 2 it was only 1/2 mile more until I could turn around, I can do anything for a 1/2 mile. So I did manage to get in the full 5 miles, I just had to play some serious mind games with myself.

5 miles -  48:17, avg pace 9:39, avg HR 167
Mile 1-  9:58
Mile 2-  9:49
Mile 3-  9:39
Mile 4- 9:27
Mile 5- 9:24

I know that building my mental toughness and mind game abilities are equally as important to training as the mileage build-up. I feel like that is going to be one of my big focuses on my 'easy runs' is to try out new mental tactics to keep it interesting because just running 7 miles with no pace intentions might get boring.

What are some of your favorite mental tactics? I am a big fan of breaking down the run into teeny tiny pieces, but what else is out there that might be fun?


  1. i think the 10 minute rule is pretty solid. i wish i had tips to get mentally tough but i just have lots of guilt if i don't do things and that works on me all the time!

  2. Ugh ... I'm the same way! I just have to switch things up! I go through phases where I do every run alone, I go through phases where I meet up with a group! Thursdays are my hardest day b/c even though they are easy miles, my body is tired from Monday through Wednesday ... so, I always try to meet someone on Thursday!! If I do treadmill on Thursday, I don't make it past one minute! Ha.

    Don't be so hard on yourself! This is your first marathon and you're following a pretty intense schedule!!! Your heart rate was pretty high ... so you're effort was definitely there. Don't let the splits bother you at all if your heart rate is that high and the conditions are they way they are!

    Otherwise, no advice. Sorry! 10 minutes is good. That's too long with me. I break up everything into half miles! :)