Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birthday Present to Myself


Hopefully everyone had a great weekend, it was pretty fantastic up here.

After my run yesterday morning, John and I went to run some errands, we stopped by the Riverside Arts Market to check it out. It was nice to see, there was some fun stuff, but it was hot and we weren't really in the market for anything so we then headed to Sports Authority (heaven) for me to get my birthday present to myself!

I have always done this, at least since I was about 14 or so, but I get myself a birthday present. Being the clothes horse that I am it usually was a new outfit or pair of shoes, but yesterday I went to check an item off my running wish list...

I knew these shorts would be coming home with me at some point over the next few weeks, but after my sweat-soaked shorts were already dripping by mile 7 during my long run yesterday, I couldn’t wait any longer, these are my solution to long sweaty runs. Since we are headed out of town on Wednesday, I went ahead and bought my gift this weekend so I can enjoy it while on vacation!

Yesterday was also my friend Crystal’s birthday, so last night John and I headed over to their house for a little get together


Sadly I did not take any pictures of the shenanigans that went on last night, but here is a good picture of both of us from Crystal’s Bachelorette weekend. This is my favorite picture of the 2 of us, and the age of it clearly demonstrates that we need to take some new ones. Since I had to search all my old photo albums I will give you a few more of all the ladies in attendance last night.


I had such a great time with everyone last night, especially the birthday girl, I don’t get to see her nearly enough. We had many rounds of margaritas and some cookie cake. After hours of chatting, I looked down to notice that it was 1am… uhhh I’d been up since 4! The night went by so quickly, and never once did I feel tired, but as soon as saw how late (early?) it was I was exhausted.

By the time I made it home, and into bed it was very close to 2am, and as much as I tried I could only sleep until 8 today. As you can imagine, most of today was spent being lazy, and I will be getting in bed very early. I had hoped to go for a long bike ride this morning but it was already too hot by the time I dragged my butt out of bed.

John and I did have a nice mid-afternoon date. We had lunch out, went to see Knight and Day (very good, worth the $7 to see it in theaters) and then we hit up Happy Cup the newest frozen yogurt haven in town. Happy cup has taken the lead as my new favorite. They had great flavors and plenty of room to navigate and sample.

Ok, it’s off to bed for this girl, I am hoping to be sound asleep by 9pm, because I am 105 and nights until 2am kill me.

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  1. Love the shorts! I have them in black and I need to go buy like 10 more pairs asap!! Happy early birthday!!