Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Recovery Run

Despite the fact that today is Tuesday, my brain thinks it is Monday, so a Ten Things Tuesday will come on my perceived Tuesday which is tomorrow :) June is off to a nice start, I am looking forward to a busy week.

This morning I woke up very determined to do an easy 4 miles outside. My legs were so stiff and tired, my run turned out to be a true recovery run which I very rarely have. My run was pretty pitiful, I did not expect yesterday's race to affect me the way it did, I figured it would be like a normal 6 mile tempo I would do at home, but the hills seemed to have truly exhausted my legs.

4 miles- 39:00 (avg. pace 9:45)
Once I got through the 1st mile I just stopped trying to stay in a certain range, and just ran my 4 miles.

Tomorrow I have some speedwork in my plans, I need to hit 5 miles total so I am debatin 8x400 with 400RI or 3x1600, decisions decisions.

What is your favorite speed workout? Which one should I tackle tomorrow?


  1. i think my favorite speedwork is 1200m repeats. long enough to not be over too quickly but short enough that i can feel fast and strong

  2. You've probably already done your speed workout today, but I'd go with the 800's! For some reason, I can't get over the mental battle of the mile.