Friday, June 18, 2010

Change of Scenery

Happy Friday! I am sure everyone is excited it's the weekend!

So yesterday I headed west to the newest family vacation home on the Gulf Beaches of Alabama. Luckily the house is settled into the bay where there haven't been many effects from the oil that is creeping up, but the visual signs in the area remind you that something is off, very sad.

I actually had a great drive over yesterday by myself, and made it here about 2pm. After a few excursions and some hanging out, it was 7:30pm (8:30pm at home) and we were still a ways out from dinner, so I decided that a run was in order since the sun was already setting (an hour earlier than at home).

I did 3 easy miles in 27:47, avg. 9:15 pace.
Mile 1-  9:25
Mile 2-  9:17
Mile 3-  9:05

My legs felt great, and this run felt easy, I think the negative splits show that. My throat is still scratchy, which I felt while running, once that goes away I think it will be great! My legs feel super fresh from a reduced mileage week, so I am ready to ditch this throat thing and pick up with a great week next week.

This morning I woke up at 6 with intentions of getting in 4-5 miles as the sun would be coming up, well apparently in the central time zone the sun comes up at 5:30am, so it was in full-force by the time I was looking to head out. I said screw it and decided to sit on the porch with a book and my breakfast, I will run later.

So I have spent my morning sitting up here...

And Looking out at this...

This was exactly the change of scenery that I needed to break up a very routine past couple of weeks. Hopefully some sun exposure will be had today in addition to a short easy run and some tasty treats that are floating around the house.

I do have a long run planned for tomorrow morning, I am thinking I will have to start earlier than usual to beat the heat and sun!


  1. bummer about the sun being so strong so early! i agree that changing up the scenery is awesome and helps break from routine. enjoy :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed your morning!! Hope you have a great weekend!