Friday, August 20, 2010

The One where Everything Changes

So as I have obviously mentioned details of in previous posts, there have been some changes going on behind the scenes down here in Jville, and it has all come together to the point where I can throw it all out there!

As I have mentioned a time or 2 now I took a new job recently at the big private college here in town. I love it, it's great and exactly what I needed/wanted at this point in my life/job path and to get my foot in the door. Going back to my very first ever blog post here I had mentioned all my life plans and while some changed, some have not. The biggest change which is the cause for all the other changes officially commences Monday... I am officially a Grad Student!

I feel like everything has fallen into place the way I had hoped it would: getting out of an awful job, finding one I really like, and getting to go back to school and be the math dork that I am. My masters should take me 2 years to finish, and I get to work full time in the next building over while I do it, doesn't get much sweeter than that. Obviously the job brought about a few minor schedule changes (mostly for the better) but with school now thrown in AND football season starting, my marathon training is about to be overhauled.

Fall seems to be the time of year when everything fun happens: race season, football, weddings, trips, etc. Speaking of, everyone needs to go tell Penny that she needs to come with us to the wedding we are attending Labor day weekend! And if she does I will reward her with a 10k and a Coffee Spiked Varsity Milkshake at the finish line ;)

Running Changes:  With all these new things being added to my schedule I had to address the conflicts with my training plan. I have typically had Monday's and Tuesday's as "longer-ish"  weekday runs, Wednesday as track workouts which are usually shorter, and then Thursdays with whatever was left. Saturdays have always been long run days since I could move it to Sunday if something happened and I couldn't run Saturday for some reason.

So now I will have class on Tuesdays/Thursdays and Football on Saturdays meaning I will have much less time on all 3 of those days to run. So here is what I am going for the next 9 weeks

-Mondays will remain tempo days
-Tuesdays are becoming track day- yes I am nervous about 2 hard days in a row, but track days are much shorter and can be done on the treadmill (aka earlier or later if needed) the flexibility of this workout is why it is earning itself a new day:)
-Wednesdays will be my mid-week "longer-ish" easy run (7-10 miles) easy easy since I will have done 2 hard days in a row
-Thursdays are becoming rest/ cross training days depending on how I feel
-Fridays = Long Run Day! My work schedule is more flexible on Fridays so I can run before or after work, and it frees up my Saturdays as well.

-Saturday and Sunday- there will still be 2 Saturday long runs (races) before the marathon, and I left those 2 on Saturdays because they are A) races those days and the races either are my long run or at least part of my long run. and B) Those are away game Saturdays ;) Priorities People
All other non-race weekends will have a recovery run either Saturday or Sunday depending on what fits my schedule best that week.

So there you have it, my major plan changes! This week and next week will remain on the normal schedule, but the week of 8/30 will be the switcheroo, here's hoping it doesn't throw me off my game too much!


  1. yay for changes. sounds like you have a very solid plan. and yay for fall. everything just seems to be amazing in the fall

  2. Yay for grad school! :) I'll go tell Penny to go with you! :) Good luck balancing everything ... I have no doubt that you will and it will go well!