Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 2010 Recap

Well August is now officially over, and tomorrow is September, which in my head marks the start of fall!

August has been a pretty busy/crazy month, in terms of running:
-I ran a 3 race series in 24 hours and earned 3 new PRs!
-Marathon Training really picked up and I hit mu highest mileage week ever at 47mpw
-I earned extended my longest ever distance 3 times this month with 16,17, and 18 milers
-I got a new pair of shoes that are seeming to help my foot issues and of course are bright pink!

August Total Miles: 175 miles

Slightly higher than my July total, which is nice, I felt like I handled the mileage increases pretty well actually, and am excited for the next 8 weeks to tick off until the race, I am feeling more and more ready for it. At this point in marathon training I feel that it is becoming more of the mental obstacles than the physcial, and that is eally something I am trying to fine tune over the next month.

With the non-running, there was a lot going on too:
-Jacksonville celebrated setting a new record in most consecutive days over 90* (51 days in a row with temps over 90*) that certainly made for some interesting running!
-I started back to work at a new job at the beginning of the month after having most of July be like my own little summer vacation.
-Celebrated John's birthday
-Started Grad school at the end of the month
-Picked up tickets and finalized all of our football season plans

Hope everyone else had a great August, I am looking forward to fall, and hopefully the cooler weather that will start coming with it!


  1. you had a really great august both in running and not. very busy but exciting. way to rock some prs too :)

    i'm hoping that the cooler weather translates into huge prs for us :)

  2. You had an amazing fitness month, be so proud of yourself! :)

  3. what's your new job (if you're comfortable answering)?? new jobs are so exciting! good job this month!!

  4. You had a great August! You ran 25+ more miles than me! :) My all time monthly high is 164, I think! :)

    So soon!!!

  5. Great month! You are rockin :)