Monday, August 30, 2010

2 weeks of Insanity

Happy Monday y'all! It's the start of a new week (and almost a new month) and things are about to get a little crazy around here.

Today marks the start of 2 full weeks of absolute insanity. For the next 2 weeks, there isn't a single day (maybe 1) that I don't have something else to do (besides the normal run, school, work). I have been prepared for this little stint, and am more than ready for it, should be a fun one and good preparation for my 2 weeks of absolute insanity that will be coming at the end of October.

Onto running, that's why we are all here, right? With this being a cut-back week, I am hoping to slah my mileage to about 75%-80% of what it has been the last 2 weeks, which means cutting my runs even shorter than originally planned- we will see if that happens.

I had an 8 mile tempo on the schedule this morning, but had another plan in mind. I REALLY need to do some hill training before I go into a race with bridges, so I decided to cut this run in half so I could do the bridges loop tonight after work. This is will get me 4 serious climbs in plus the other 4 miles this morning to give me a solid 8 miles for the day.

So I hit the snooze a few times this morning since I was only doing 4 miles and compared to my usual morning run, that was so short. I definitely needed the first mile to get warmed up, my legs felt heavy and I felt like I was on autopilot and not fully awake. After the first mile I woke right up and focused on negative splits so I get in a decent 4 miles.

4 Miles- 37:52, 9:28 pace
Mile 1-  9:45
Mile 2-  9:33
Mile 3-  9:23
Mile 4-  9:11

Good run, negative splits, and it was mentally refreshing to have a shorter run, I was finished before my mind had a chance to wander. A solid run, nothing spectacular, but hopefully some hill sprints can end the day with a stellar recap and hit the tempo hard tomorrow!


  1. stay calm! insanity will pass. and when it does you will feel on top of the world :)

    go get that tempo tomorrow :)

  2. I am glad to hear your run was mentally refreshing.. those are the best, especially in hectic time!