Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Christmas Week

Happy Hump Day! I have been mixing it up all over the place this week, but it has been like Christmas for me, and there is nothing better than Christmas in the summer. I have had 3 packages come in for me this week, it has been so fun! Several running related things, a fun new lunch bag, and this huge beauty...

That's right, almost 3 years after I graduated from college I finally have my diploma framed! I have been begging everyone for a diploma frame for every holiday since my graduation, and John bought it for me for my birthday this year! It came today and was sitting waiting for me when I came home! It is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, but it is beautiful and continued with my Christmas-like week of presents!

Now onto the running portion of the program! Since this is a cut-back week, and a race week, My schedule was to run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then race Friday and Saturday. Well with my new daily schedule and a decent amount of time on my hands, plus my need for constant activity I knew I would not be ok with just sitting still on a Thursday- no way! So I decided to split my easy Tuesday run in half and do half on Tuesday and half on Thursday.

Tuesday - 4 miles in 37:14, 9:18 average pace, I found it easy to start out quick when I knew I didn't need to pace myself for over an hour.

Wednesday- 7 miles in 1:02:37, 8:56 average pace.
I was just not feeling the track, so I headed to the gym to get in some speedwork on the treadmill. Once I started my warm-up I had this overwhelming desire to do some pick-up miles instead of the 800s on my schedule so I figured why not, since I wasn't taking a full rest day, it was probably best not go balls to the walls with 6x800.

Instead of the 6 miles I ended up doing 7, it just felt great at that point I was working with a new plan. I really wanted to a medium distance today and run consistently not all the stop and start of normal speedwork. I decided I would alternate a quicker mile and then a recovery mile, with the first pick-up at 5k pace and then getting faster with each one.

Mile 1-  9:44
Mile 2-  8:29
Mile 3-  9:28
Mile 4-  8:16
Mile 5-  9:16
Mile 6-  8:05
Mile 7-  9:19

I really enjoyed this run, after the short distance yesterday I was ready to get back to my 60+ minutes of running, I am actually kind of nervous about these short races this weekend, I don't really like running short anymore- never thought I would say that!


  1. christmas morning! funny how you don't like running short anymore. definitely how i feel :)

  2. Short running, especially race, is tough!! You're in great shape right now .... so whether the races go amazing this weekend or not as planned, don't forget that! Racing short and training long don't always go hand in hand!! :)

    Great week! You're getting crazy faster and stronger!