Monday, August 9, 2010

Wonderful Monday

Happy Monday y'all! My week has started off wonderfully, so hopefully we can carry these positive vibes through the rest of the week. We picked up our season football tickets this morning, and I am sooo excited for this upcoming football (and race) season!

I got up for my run this morning and it was H-O-T even more so than usual, the heat index was already at 90 at 5am. It was the usual tempo Monday, but today's tempo looked a little different
8 miles- 2 easy, 2 @8:30, 2 easy, 2 @8:25

I was really amped up for this run, I knew it would fly by since it was broken down into such small parts, and I was right!

8 Miles- 1:11:20, avg pace 8:55
Mile 1-  9:46
Mile 2-  9:31
Mile 3-  8:30
Mile 4-  8:29
Mile 5-  9:24
Mile 6-  8:24
Mile 7-  8:22
Mile 8-  9:14

I didn't do so well with the whole slow down and take a break in the middle thing, so I only did 1 mile before picking it up again. The 2 miles at 8:25 were tougher than I thought they would be, but I got them done. I enjoyed this run, and it was nice to crank out 8 miles before work and have it feel natural, much better than my start to last week.

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  1. I seriously can't believe you get up at 4am every morning! You are so dedicated!! Awesome run...You hit those splits so perfectly...