Friday, August 6, 2010

1 Year Ago Today...

This morning when I pulled up the calendar and noticed today's date, it was a day that reminded me of what is now a milestone in my life, and after today, that date will probably fade from memory, but for those who don't know, this is really the day that changed my whole life.

A year ago to the day (August 6, 2009) John and I headed out on our first "training run" trying to build up some experience so we didn't look like Losers doing our first 5k in October 2009. The goal that day was to do 3 miles- It didn't all have to be running, but we had to do it, and we had to survive.

That week we were in OBA with my family on our only vacation of the year and for the Kenny Chesney concert that same night. I remember that morning when we woke up John immediately got dressed and headed out to run, I on the other hand stayed in bed until finally giving in that I was awake and I was going to have to do this. I put on some sneakers, not even running shoes, and all cotton clothes and headed out the door into the heat of summer in an attempt to prove something to everyone, and most of all, to myself.

Since John was ahead of me, I got on the main road and attempted to catch up, or at least do something productive until he found me. It was August: it was hot, humid, sunny, muggy and everything else that you would never want to run in. I was dripping sweat within a half mile, and shortly after stopped to walk and cathc my breath before pushing on. But something changed during this almost 45 minute outing, I learned to push myself in hopes of achieving something I had never done before. To this day I can tell you without a doubt, that was the most miserable run of my life, but it left me craving more.

That run made we want to train for my first race, to show that I could commit to something and see it through. To do something that I had wanted to do, and decided to do all on my own. It wasn't going to be pretty or easy (it was neither) but it was going to be mine, and for the first time in almost 2 years I felt like I had found something that could be just mine again.

I ran that first 5k in just under 36 minutes, I was hooked, and have not looked back since. Fast forward now to 365 days later: this journey has been an amazing one, and it is no where near over. That one little run changed my life in so many ways. Sure I am healthier, faster, and have found myself a new hobby, but I am happier and more confident in myself and my goals than I ever have been, and I give all the credit to my new friend running!

Somewhere in those first few months of starting out I learned to work through the things that were bothering me, and the time alone gave me what I needed to think through all the things I wanted to do and wanted to change. I have made A LOT of changes in the past year, too many to even remember, but I am in such a better place for it. I know this is kind of sappy and heavy, especially for a Friday blog post, but certain things (or dates) just make you think.

So to my new running self, Happy 1 year anniversary! It has been a whirlwind of (mostly) fun, and to many more years out on the roads! See you Saturday after my 16 miler...

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  1. I love this post. Makes me think of my first run, haha!