Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I loathe 800s

Happy Hump Day everyone! I am finding that morning blogging fits best into my new schedule, and yet again morning running is not, boo:(

Heading back to last night, I decided to do today's track workout last night since Monday was easier than usual and because I knew I would be doing spinning today and Sprints + spinning within 12 hours is pretty tough and I feel like 1 or both workouts start to suffer.

It worked out well to move up the track workout, I was feeling pretty ADD and the constant change of speeds kept me interested. 6x800 was on the schedule, 800s are my least favorite, but I knew I needed to do them, since I always find some way to replace it with other distances. I really do hate them, they are not short enough to just sprint until its over and you die, and they aren't quite long enough to slow it down and focus on pacing yourself, its such a wierd balance!

I made sure to get in a decent warm-up before I started, and also knew I would be increasing my paces. Since my race this past weekend I have come to realize that I can run faster than I thought, and especially during these workouts I should really be pushing myself more. Previously my goal times were 1:51 for 400s, 3:55 for 800s and about 8:00 for 1200 and 1600s. Clearly I can do more than this, and the closeness of times from 800 to 1600 was too close, so a change was made.

At first I went a little crazy thinking I could/should hit 3:40 for all 6, well after 1 I knew that was not going to happen, so I backed it off a little and found a happy medium: 3:48, going forward that will be my goal time for all 800s.

Tonight I did  6 Miles- 51:35 (8:36 avg pace- those sprints make me look fast, ha!)
1 mile warm-up= 9:40
6x800 with 400RI:
-3:40 (too fast to keep up for 5 more)
1/2 mile cool down

These definitely wore me out, but I think with more accurate pacing on the next try I can do 3:47-3:48 which would be nice. In a few weeks I will be built up and doing 10x800 or the Yasso 800 recipe for prediction of my marathon finish time. I am beginning the think based on my times that he is crazy, or that maybe he forgot to say add 10 minutes to what this time tells you.

I also took some of my race times from this past weekend and plugged them into McMillan Running Calculator to see what it spit out for me for a marathon finish time- pretty interesting I will say.

Off to be productive for the day, I have some big plan changes to discuss later!


  1. I've never done spinning but everyone tells me it's awesome. Maybe I should check out a class...

  2. Before NYC, I did all 10 yasso's and average 3:32 for them. I ran a 3:56 marathon.

    I think Yasso's are a great workout, especially when you do all 10; however, I wouldn't put too much stock into your goal marathon time!

    Now I would probably average around 3:18-3:20 ... wouldn't that be nice!! Hahaha

  3. Great job! Yasso 800's are actually pretty tough for me. I usually struggle to hit the last few repeats.

  4. For loathing 800s, you sure did them well- congrats! Hope your day is productive as you said- can't wait to hear all about it! :)

  5. i agree that 800s are a weird speed workout but you did stellar! way to rock them.

  6. It sounds like you really killed those 800s.. good job ;) What's the big plan changes coming? I wanna know!! :)