Friday, August 20, 2010

Not always Perfect

So I have put off posting about my last 2 runs because quite frankly, they suckded! I know that not every run can be perfect, or even good for that matter, but it was best I worked through these I think to get the funk out.

With my races last weekend I feel like my body was in shick, it had been way longer than usual since I had raced, and at paces I had never done before. I am used to running long, not fast, and I think my body wanted a few days to recover from it- oops.

Sunday I went to the gym to do weights which I hadn't done the week before. Normally I take it pretty easy on any leg weights because being sore and trying to run the following day is never a good plan, but my legs were already sore from the race, so I figured a little light weight lifting would still be helpful- wrong! My legs felt SO dead all week and I attribute a lot of ti to a missed week of weights and then starting again when I was already sore and tired. I then decided to do my 2 harder workouts this week on Monday and Tuesday, back to back AND not a long recovery after the races/lifting- by the time Wednesday came my legs were so tired I didn't even think I could run.

Wednesday I decided to go to spinning first and then I would run afterwards, it ended up being a good plan since my legs would be warm and loose, but since I was sitting and using different muscles they weren't too exhausted to run. So I headed out rigth after spinning, and dare I say it was almost pleasant out, it was overcast, only about 82 and there was a nice breeze. I was cranking right along making good time, when it started to rain.

Now I like to run in the rain, especially here in the heat capital of the world, it cools it off and makes the run usually down right fabulous, well the light rain got heavier, and heavier and heavier, when finally close to 2.5 miles I knew I needed to turn back, it was pouring and thundering (so lightning was somewhere) and it was just time to head back- you need to know when to call it, and it was time. I was supposed to be doing 6 miles, but due to the stupid rainstorm I only managed to get in 5 :(

So Thursday morning I got up and decided that no matter how awful my legs felt I was running in the morning because I did not want to be doing 8 miles after work. So I was out the door at my usual time, and I had 1 very strong motivator keeping me going

I have had these shoes sitting at home in the box for a couple of weeks now. Since I am really not enjoying my current pair I already had my next ones waiting in the wings, but figured since I paid for the bad pair I might as well get some use out of them. But Thursday morning my normal shoes were still soaking wet from my Wendesday night puddle run so I got a chance to pull out the new babies! I was hoping to save them for another 2 weeks but I figured 1 run wouldn't be a bad thing.

These shoes felt AMAZING! I have always had Asics but after the fiasco with my current pair, I was going for what I knew, and I had worn Mizuno's for volleyball and leisure my entire life so I was confident going back to this brand. I stayed away a bit when I first started running because they seemed a bit small and not very supportive, and as a slower, heavier, biomechanically retarded beginning runner I decided I needed more cushioning which is where the Asics came in.

If it was not for my new shoes I doubt I would have made it far on this run. I was planning to do 8 miles, but my legs were so tight/hateful that I never got warm/loose or comfortable, each mile felt like a battle against my legs and it was very frustrating. I made it to the 3 mile mark and had to take a break to stretch. I decided then that adding 2 more junky slow miles was not going to accomplish anything at this point, and took "quality" over quanity and ended it with 6 miles. I wouldn't call them 6 quality miles by any means, but adding 2 more would have made this an even less-quality run. Even though my legs felt like death, my feet felt great and it leaves me super excited to start rotating these shoes is in a couple of weeks.

So there you go, the running update, the good, bad, and ugly. I took today to rest/stretch/foam roll and it was painful to stretch/roll this morning so I figure I needed it. I am hoping to make up the missed miles + some in a recovery run on Sunday, but we will see how the long run treats us:)


  1. I have those Mizunos too! I really like them :)

  2. awww yay for new shoes. they can make such a different. it's like a breath of fresh air when a pair of shoes just fits amazingly!

  3. Oh goodness! Check out my blog now. I've been in Asics and check out my new shoes. Funny!