Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Monday Rewind and 10 Things (miles) Tuesday

Hello all it's Tuesday, and I have plenty to say! I went MIA yesterday with lots else going on: I started my new job yesterday, and it was John's birthday, that was really all I had time for yesterday.

Monday morning I woke up with my 5am alarm and made the powerful decision to skip my run, AH! I didn't even try, I knew I would fail, my hip was hurting and my legs were fried, plus I wanted to sleep. I did not stretch at all after my 15 miler on Saturday- HUGE mistake. While I felt fine all day Sunday, waking up on Monday was not good. It really reinforced how important the whole stretch, foam roll, ice process is a quick recovery and continuing to build my mileage.

My planned week-day runs for the week were 8-7-6-5, a really nice step down going through the week, so I decided that rather than run 5 days in a row this week, I would try something a little crazy and attempt to hit all 26 miles in just 3 days instead of 4- might be a bit adventurous, and I may end up getting the rest in Friday, but I figured why not play around with it.

So that brings us to Tuesday, and another birthday, Happy Birthday to my little sister Brookie! I woke up this morning knowing I was needing to get a minimum of 8 miles in. Well with my new schedule, it has me waking up early and moving immediately with the alarm, the last few weeks I have actually been at home while waiting for my start date at this new job, so I would get up leisurely, eat a little something and then go, I forgot how taxing it can be to just get up and go with no down time. I was seriously lacking in the energy department when I started this morning, and even though it's Tuesday, I was planning to do yesterday's 8 mile progression, starting at 9:30 pace and dropping 10 seconds each mile.

I made the decision within the first mile when I saw I wasn't going to hit 9:30 in the first mile, that I would still do a progression dropping 10 seconds per mile from wherever I started, and also decided I wanted more mileage today, and I would do a double.
So today was 10 Miles Tuesday!

AM Run: 6 miles- 56:15, avg pace 9:22; easy progression run
 Mile 1-  9:55
 Mile 2-  9:42
 Mile 3-  9:31
 Mile 4-  9:20
 Mile 5-  9:08
 Mile 6-  8:59

After I finally got warmed up about mile 4, I contemplated going for the full 8, but decided I would stick with the original plan. I did the job of dropping 10+ seconds per mile, and more than likely could have done the full workout, but I was lacking energy, hungry, and worried I would be late so I left the rest for tonight.

Even though I managed to get in a decent 'speedier' run this morning, it still felt like an easy run to me, so I decided this evening I would do a mini tempo run to make today a really strong day from all aspects, and get some quality miles in not just running miles for the sake of miles. It felt great to have an evening run again, I haven't done too many recently, and especially after a busy day at work, it was great just to get out and clear my head, this really has me tempted to be running doubles every day, it felt so good!

PM Run: 4 Miles- 36:22, 9:05 avg pace;  mini tempo run
 Mile 7-  9:45
 Mile 8-  8:50
 Mile 9-  8:28
 Mile 10- 9:19

If my legs feel good, and the energy is there I will do my planned speedworkout tomorrow as usual, if not I will do an easy run of 7 miles and do the speedwork on Thursday. I am excited to see how this week plans out, despite opting out of a run, it has turned out pretty fabulous!

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  1. great double :) and way to drop that pace during your run. very cool :)