Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back in the swing of things

Happy Hump Day!!! So three days into a new routine, and I already feel like it is second nature. I thrive with routine and structure (lame, I know) but having an irregular one the last couple of weeks was kind of wearing on me, and made the start of this week a little rough, I am happy to feel back to normal.

The alarm went off at the usual 5am, and I was wide awake, my legs felt a bit tired, but I don't remember the last time they didn't feel at least a little sluggish. The hardest part of morning running for me is the whole getting up part, so the fact that I was awake so easily made it cake to get out the door this morning.

Today I opted to the the 7 easy, and it ended up being another progression run, and went pretty well.

7 Miles- 1:05:22, average 9:20 pace
Mile 1-  9:48
Mile 2-  9:39
Mile 3-  9:27
Mile 4-  9:20
Mile 5-  9:11
Mile 6-  9:03
Mile 4-  8:53

I felt great after the first 2 miles, it seems to be my obligatory warm-up now, and just felt myself wanting to push more and more with each mile. I probably could have handled the speedwork today if I had done a solid warm-up, but I will remember that for tomorrow!

Off to catch up on my dvr with some fresh baked cookies!


  1. love that the routine is second nature to you! i wish it were that easy for me haha

    enjoy the cookies! what kind? because if you say oatmeal raisin i might have to come on over haha :)

  2. You do so well with your progression runs. I'm the opposite, I like to start fast and then I always die!! Hahah

    Have a good weekend!! :)