Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Running Ponderings

Mixing it up here for a Tuesday, but I have a specific wondering in mind.

I got in my scheduled easy 7 miles today, and I was loving just mixing it up, setting my own pace and changng my speed when I wanted to, I just loved my run today, it was perfect, rejuvenatng, and exactly what I needed.

7 miles- 1:06:09, 9:27 avg pace

So after almost 3 1/2 weeks now I have started to see some effects of marathon training.

Hunger: I have heard both sides of the hunger debate, some people who are just ravenous as they increase their mileage during training, and people who seem to lose their appetites as the mileage creeps up. For better or worse I seem to have fallen into the latter, I have little to no appetite after finishing my runs and it takes almost an hour before I even feel hungry which is unheard of, especially in the morning, but I have just not been hungry. Yes I am eating, and am tracking what I eat ( I have done this for a while) but I find misled now making sure it's enough rather than too much.

Sleep/energy: perhaps due to the issues addressed above I have been craving sleep. I normally am a pop out of bed type person, but I have hit the snooze button countless times in the past month, and find myself wanting to turn in super early too. And while I am getting a normal amount of sleep, I also find myself more worn out on certain days, instead of my normal go-go-go self I have been lazy and leghargic-boo. I typically feel fine during my runs and have the strength and energy to hit everyhing.

Now I will say this is certainly not every day or all the time, but enough that I have noticed. For those who have done this before, is this normal, is there something I should be doing differently???


  1. I am the complete opposite: Sleepless and Hungry!

  2. oh my gosh...I have gotten extremely hungry as the mileage goes up. I think the important thing is to make sure you do get enough food and sleep and to listen to your body.

  3. I eat a lot, but I'm not always hungry. And, like you, immediately after a long run, I have zero appetite! But, obviously refueling right away (within 30 minutes to an hour) has massive benefits on recovery ... so I eat and you should, too! If you're not hungry at all, at least have a protein shake or some chocolate milk!! :)

    When I read back through my first marathon training log, I wrote almost every day about how tired I was. It's written in there a lot!!! When you're in high mileage you need an extra hour of sleep a day ... not that we reward ourselves with that. But, yes you need 9 hours!!