Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Calf Issues

Today is Tuesday, and what is normally a calm and relaxing day, was insanely busy and non-stop. Coming off my 2nd night of very little sleep, I could not muster anything to face the humidity for 8 whole miles, so I whimped it out and hit the treadmill a little before lunch.

8 miles done in the beautiful climate controlled atmosphere sounded great, but I was having mondo calf issues. I have never ever in all my years of physical activity had muscle cramps, but there is a first time for everything. The cramps were in my upper calf almost in the crease where my knee is. Cramps were striking at all times, sitting down, while running, just walking, it was not fun. I took the opportunity to roll them out this afternoon and they were full of knots. I hope those were the culprits and that I have destroyed them because they are not welcomed! Have you ever had muscle cramps, any advice???

Due to said cramps, my run was pretty mediocre, and I am ok with that, not every run can be perfect with negative splits. I managed 8 miles in 1:16:28, or 9:33 avg pace. I am really happy to have my 2 longer/harder runs for the week done and I feel like I am literally running downhill into my long run thus weekend.

I love that I unknowingly was so strategic in making this training plan, I think it will be fitting in great with me new upcoming schedule!


  1. great run! i think that having mediocre runs is a good thing as they make the awesome runs that much more awesome

  2. I have always fought with calf pain/cramps/tightness. I tend to run on my toes or forefoot ... and I take that to the extreme. No matter how bad I stretch this happens to me at least once every three months or so! Be careful ... and ice and stretch. But, for me there is a difference between this and injury, so as long as it's only cramps, you should be good to go!!!

    Hope it feels better soon!!

    PS: Eat salt. It helps the cramping. It's super hot out so we need to make sure we're getting enough!