Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finally Mastered the Cross Training

As the weekend is coming to a close, I am getting excited for a new and exciting week ahead.

Today I finally addressed the big nagging hole on my training schedule that is Sundays. It is listed as a rest day or cross-training day, but with everything that has been going on I have only managed to get in minimal activity on the last few Sundays.

John and I made it out to my favorite trail for a long bike ride this morning. It was a little warmer than I had expected but biking creates such a bigger breeze than running, so as long as we were moving, it was bearable. Despite the fact that my legs were a little tired from yesterday, but we managed to keep a steady pace for the whole ride. We stopped once at mile 16.5 for a snack and then got moving again before it got any warmer. The trail was quite crowded today, so I spent much of my ride drafting behing John and saving my legs for the big hills at the end.

We rode 29 miles total in 2:01:58. I actually felt like going through the long bike ride was really good mental preparation for my long runs, using the same strategies of breaking it into pieces and counting passers-by. Using a different muscle combination loosened up my legs after yesterdays run and left me feeling accomplished today. I think I have mastered the art of cross-training and the benefits of both recoving and preparing for the next workout, I hope to make early Sunday bike rides as instilled in my schedule as my Saturday morning long runs.


  1. great job getting that XT in. 29 miles is beastly! i'm sure your training is going to be really successful having that long bike ride in

  2. XTing is AWESOME! 29 miles, GO YOU!!!