Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Run that Almost Wasn't

So I think the title gives you the gist of what my day was like.

I woke up this morning and my legs felt dead from yesterdays double sprint workouts. My feet even hurt, never a good sign so I made an instant decision that I would swap today's easy run and tomorrow's rest day. I went on about my day with everything I had to do, but by the time this afternoon came I was feeling pretty bummed that I hadn't run today, and probably wouldn't.

Well late afternoon I noticed it was starting to rain, and I got SO excited, the temperature instantly dropped by more than 10 degrees and it got nice and overcast, perfect for my run. By the time I had changed and walked out the door, there was an epic lightning storm taking place, but luckily it passed and I was able to head out in cooler temps for my easy 6 mile run.

My legs felt dead for the first 5 miles, my pace was slow and felt waaaay tougher than it should have. When Garmie beeped at mile 5 I just took off, I was so happy to have only 1 mile to go, and wanted it done as fast as possible. I managed to nail the last mile in about 9:10 which was waaay faster than the first 5 and pretty close to my goal half pace, so not bad to get that mile in too.

6 miles in 57:12 or 9:32 average pace, you can obviously see my slowness for the first 5 compared to mile 6.

Tomorrow is a rest day, and a day off with nothing to do. I am hoping for a beach date with a friend and maybe a little shopping!

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  1. enjoy the beach day! i want one :)

    sounds like the perfect kind of run: spontaneous and in nice weather