Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tempo Monday

Happy Tuesday morning all, I am super behind this week already. Only 1 day in and I can't keep things straight.

So I woke up Monday with my most challenging tempo so far staring me in the face- 6 miles with 4@ 8:30 pace. I have never done more than 3 miles in a tempo thus far, except when I make my long runs into a tempo, but the paces there are much slower.

I have had plenty on my mind over the last week, and all my runs have just flown by since I seem to have been preoccupied the whole time, and today was no exception.

By the time my warm-up mile was over and I picked up my pace, I was completely in the zone. While challenging, I still feel like I could be challenging myself more, and will keep that in mind for the coming weeks. I felt great the whole run, and was really happy with another solid tempo.

6 Miles- 52:57, avg pace 8:49
Mile 1-  9:45
Mile 2-  8:30
Mile 3-  8:32
Mile 4-  8:24
Mile 5-  8:27
Mile 6-  9:19

I have 8 easy on deck for today, and with 2 awful nights sleep in a row, I am thinking it is a late night run, or possibly treadmill day. We will see!

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  1. i hope that you get some sleep! i've been sleeping poorly too and it's totally not fun. BUT great tempo and way to push through crappy sleep!