Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Happy Hump Day! If you haven't memorized my schedule by now, then you should know today was speedwork Wednesday. I wokeup feeling good and ready to get my run in this morning.

On the schedule was 4x800 with 400 RI and hit 5 miles total. I have read all the good details about doing Yasso 800s, but considering my hatred for 800s in general I decided I would do 800s every other week and build up from 4x800 to the final 10x800 two and a half weeks before the marathon. Typical Yassos have rest between each interval so I am (naively) hoping that by actually running my recovery intervals, that by the time I do a true 10x800, it will be tolerable and give me an accurate estimate of finish time- we will see.

So today was my first week of 800s and I was hoping for each interval to get 1 second faster than the previous.

Projected Times- 4:00, 3:59, 3:58, 3:57
Actual Times-  3:58, 3:59, 3:56, 3:55

I am ok with the first 2 being inverted, and am happy to have them all under 4:00 and especially liked that I was able to pick it up on #4, I actually felt really strong through all 4, suprising, maybe I am starting to hate 800s less...or maybe I am not pushing hard enough.

I did a 1 mile warm-up and cool down to get in my 5 total miles in 46:00. I headed to go get in some serious stretching and rolling after I finished. I am happy to report I will not have to rely on the gym foam roller much longer, I ordered my own last week and even though it is now merely 3 hours away, it will still take another 4 days to get here!?!?! Oh well, I am happy to be getting my own so I can roll around like a weirdo whenever I want :)

Tomorrow is an easy run and I am super excited for it, especially after the fabulous easy run I had yesterday!


  1. Great job on hitting your times. I am amazed at your consistency week after week!! :)

    The Yasso 800's ... LOVE THEM!! I've done them before .. right before NYC.

    Actually, the Yasso's are 10 800's with 10 400's in between (no rest), you run the recovery. But, no worries, you run it super slow.

    So, if you're marathon goal is 4:15, you would run your 800's in 4:15 and your 400 in 4:15 (i.e. very slow). So, it's not a complete rest (stop) but it's definitely a nice recovery as your adding on the miles!! You just keep plowing through all 10 of them until it's finished!! :)

    You'll get there, I have zero doubts!!

  2. I used to hate 800s too but they definitely grew on me. Great splits! I found it pretty easy to add one on every will do great!

  3. Great job on those Yasso's! I wish I could do them, they're such a great tool for getting faster but my ITB's hate 'em. Keep up the great work girl, you're going to own them by the end!