Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beat Up Legs

Happy Hump Day! We all know Wednesday follows suit of many of the runners out there, and that would be the track.

Whatever was up with my calves yesterday seems to have gone away, which was much appreciated this morning. I had 800s back on the schedule again, and I had some new times I wanted to hit.
planned: 4x800 with 400RI and 1600.  Goal Time 800s- 3:58, 1600-8:00

Actual times: 3:58, 3:57, 3:54, 3:55, 8:03

I had nothing left for the 1600, and am actually shocked I was able to get anything under 8:30 for as dead as I felt by the time it rolled around. I was pleased with the 800s the first 2 actually felt much harder than the last 2, I think it just takes me a few to get used to the pacing I need to implement. I got my run in nice and early today, unlike yesterday, and it felt so good, to be up, moving, and accomplished before 7am. I felt great immediately afterwards, but after a couple hours my legs started to feel a bit beat up: knots popping up, stiff joints, tight muscles, pretty characteristic of a Wednesday.

I also had a hot date schedule with my favorite spin-partner for 5:30 tonight. Liza and I agree that this is our favorite spin instructor by far, and she was the second person to beat up my legs today. She was all about the sprints and jumps today, I should have known better doing sprints this morning, and then getting more thrown at me again.

As usual, I was sweating buckets during spinning, even more than usual, even more than my 90 degree outdoor runs. I hopped off the bike and my legs just seized up for the 2nd day in a row, boo :( Lots of stretching later, my legs are feeling a little better, but still pretty assaulted.

1 more easy 6 miler and my big 15-miler this weekend!!! I am heading into birthday weekend central, it starts Friday with my mom, Saturday is my grandmother, Monday is John's birthday, Tuesday is my sister Brooke's birthday, and Wednesday would be my grandfather- this is always the craziest week of my year!

Does everyone else's family have 1 month out of the year where everyone has a birthday or anniversary??

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