Monday, July 12, 2010

Running off the Ick

Happy Monday all, hope your week is starting off nicely. I went MIA yesterday in all aspects. I started feeling icky Saturday night, and it carried over into yesterday, since I felt so bad I opted out of cross-training and just laid low all day. The highlight of Sunday was going to Happy Cup for self-serve frozen yogurt. They had 2 new flavors that were AMAZING, I think the tart banana flavor was my favorite.

So I woke up this morning still feeling icky, it was almost like a permanent knot in my stomach or something, I don't even know why. Well I couldn't get moving this morning to get to run before an appointment this morning, so I just lounged some more, I was feeling pretty lazy. After the appointment I headed home for lunch, and then mustered up the energy to run. I did give myself permission to cut the run short if I felt bad, especially since it was 6M with 3 @8:35 pace, and I just wasn't feeling it.

I am very proud of myself for getting in all 6 miles, but only 1.5 miles were at the 8:35 pace. I finished 6 miles in 55:21 or 9:13 average pace, I made myself keep the easy miles around 9:10 to make up for the shortened tempo portion. I figured out the math afterwards and if I had done the scheduled paces the whole way, there would really have only been about 60-90 seconds faster because my easy miles would have been slower, so I felt like it was still a successful run, I am not going to go crazy and try to make it up tomorrow, I will just make sure to hit my paces next week.

After my run, I felt a hundred times better and finally my productivity kicked in and I was able to plow through my to-do list. I am hoping for a good night sleep tonight and feeling back to myself in the morning!


  1. running always makes me feel better/more productive. great job :)

  2. Awesome job getting past the ickyness and getting your run in! Maybe you just needed to sweat it all out!

  3. Nice job mkaking the adjustment to your run. It is so important to listen to your body! Glad you are feeling better...

  4. Hope you feel back to your 100% self today!! :)

  5. Running always makes me feel better! At least you got out there...good for you!!!