Thursday, July 8, 2010

Double Workout Wednesday

So yesterday was a busy day, so busy I didn't get this up until today.

I had my 6M progression on board yesterday which I did yesterday morning. Despite having the day off on Tuesday, my legs felt heave the whole time yesterday.

I had planned for the 6 miles to look like this: 9:30,9:15,9:00,8:45,8:35, 8:30
The heavy legs played a factor, but I still felt like it was an accomplished run : 9:35,9:13,8:57,8:50,8:42, 8:29

Last night I met Liza for 5:30 spinning, I love the 5:30 instructor she is awsome! She kicked my butt, literally.
It felt good to get in a double workout after a random mid-week day off, but I still have a lot left to go this week: Speedwork Today, Easy run Friday, Long on Saturday. Hopefully next week I will be back to my normal schedule.

Back later with todays update!


  1. Nice run yesterday! I don't know how you do it ... I always have to have an easy day before my track day! Good luck today, girl!! :) Hope you had a great birthday.

  2. great run! and great spinning :) i've been looking into possibly taking a spinning class before i move off and head into the real world and have no time!