Tuesday, July 6, 2010

10 Things Tuesday- Home

1.  I hope everyone had a Fabulous 4th of July weekend, We had a great time and arrived home just before rush hour today. Peachie was Super happy to see us, and has been going crazy with the new toy we had brought home for her.

2.  Saturday John and I went out for a VERY windy 20 mile bike ride, and I also opted for a short and easy 3 mile run to make up my missed mileage from the week, and keep my legs loose since I was still contemplating a 5k on Sunday. The 3 mile run was easy, a steady 9:30 pace, it was a fun way to see a few new parts of the island that I had yet to explore.

3.  Sunday morning I opted to skip the 5k and decided to sleep in. I also completly ditched my 5 mile run I needed to do that day. I just didn't have it in me to head out in the mid-day heat, so I made an executive decision that 1 easy 5 miler would not break my training in the end- but I do still feel guilty.

4.  My birthday was yesterday, it was great! I got some cute new running clothes and had my 2 fav desserts, Key Lime Pie and Cookie Cake :) I need to get back on track with my normal eating, I feel like I have been on sugar-overload for days!

5.  I did get in my 6 mile scheduled run on Monday, but it had been raining all morning. I managed to get lucky and sneak out during the only non-rainy part of the morning. I kept my route pretty close to the house incase it started to rain again, but I was able to finish 5 of the 6 miles before it started raining, and by then I was so close to home. Because of the path I took and all the water, I was having a hard time doing the progression run I had on the schedule, so I made sure I did all 6 miles at gmp or lower- goal accomplished! I will swap my easy day for the progression run tomorrow.

6.  6 miles- 56:58
  Mile 1-  9:37
  Mile 2-  9:35
  Mile 3-  9:36
  Mile 4-  9:29
  Mile 5-  9:31
  Mile 6-  9:09

7.  Today was our travel day. Originally I had scheduled today as a rest day because of that, but last night I was thinking I might actually be able to squeeze in a run before we hit it road if I go tup early enough-  no such luck, it was again Pouring when I woke up this morning, and it followed us the first few hours of the drive. Oh well, I still followed my schedule:)

8. I am planning to do my progression run tomorrow, speedwork Thursday, easy run Friday, and Long Run Saturday- this should be interesting. I am actually excited to group 3 tough runs in 4 days, I think it will be a good challenge and really give me a strong stretch going into 2 more build-up weeks.

9.  Blister Update- the nasty blister sustained during Friday's 10 miler has developed new skin and healed, even with 2 more runs on top of it. Since these current shoes already have over 60 miles on them I am confident they will not be taken back. I feel like my foot has gotten used to the way they fit, and they actually are very stable during shorter runs, so I have decided on a plan for the shoes.

10.  Since the shoes are paid for an sort-of broken in, I will continue to wear said shoes until the 300 mile point, I have easily taken all my previous pairs to 500 miles, but considering the problems, no need to push these. When needed I will wear my old pair for long runs if I have been feeling a blister coming on, no need to create any more agony and spend a fortune on blister band-aids, my old Kayanos are not so worn out that they will cause injury.

So there you have it, up to date after the long weekend! I hope everyone had a great 4th! Back to the grind tomorrow, and back to my normal running routine!