Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday and a Half Marathon

Happy Saturday morning bloggies! I got busy yesterday so here is an update on the last 2 days.

Friday:  I woke up Friday morning with another run on the schedule, I am so ready to be back to my normal schedule next week! It was an easy day and my lowest mileage run of the week- 5 easy miles.  I also got the chance to wear my new running skirt! John bought me my favorite style running skirt, but in blue- perfect for football season. I am still comtemplating the orange, but was super excited for new running clothes!

Well the 2 hard days in a row left my legs feeling dead and even easy miles were a struggle, like a real struggle, but I had to get them done. Getting back was actually harder than going out, the whole thing actually felt like the last 5 miles of the longest of long-runs, leaving me very nervous for my long run on Saturday. But 5 miles done in 49:18, blah- Oh well another run on the books.

Saturday:  The alarm went off at 3:57am so I could get up and ready for my long run. I woke up pretty tired, but my legs seemed ok which I was thankful for. I made it out the door a little before 5am with 13 miles to tackle, and hopefully the last 4 at goal pace.

Unlike my 12 mile run 2 weeks ago, I felt strong this morning, easy miles felt easy, and 13 miles seemed so easily attainable- the way it should be. I was doing a 6.5 mile out-and back with my water refilling stop at mile 8, so I told myself that I would do the last 5 at gmp. Well the first few were slow and easy, not too crazy hot (78* felt like 78*~that never happens, 78% humidity) it actually turned out to be pleasant summer running weather, there was a nice breeze too. I made it to mile 6 and then needed to use the bathroom so I tried to pick it up as much as possible to get back to the mile 8 point to use the bathroom and get some water. I actually ended up doing the last 6 on pace, so I was pleased with that, and even more so to see that I was under pace on several miles. Of course you can't do a 13 mile run without running to 13.1 to make it an even half marathon, so I went until 13.1.

13.1 Miles- 2:09:13, avg. pace 9:51, avg hr 168
Mile 1-  10:12
Mile 2-  10:08
Mile 3-  10:06
Mile 4-  10:11
Mile 5-  10:06
Mile 6-  10:09
Mile 7-  9:54
Mile 8-  9:40
Mile 9-  9:42
Mile 10-  9:28
Mile 11-  9:39
Mile 12-  9:31
Mile 13-  9:16
.1-   :58

I felt so much better after this run than I did 2 weeks ago, I hit the miles I wanted at goal pace and then some, and I probably could have pushed harder, but after a hard week I was pleased with the effort I still had to make this happen. An ice bath was in order today, my left hip has been feeling weird (not sure how to describe it) so I figured ice was a good idea. 14 miles on deck for next weekend, and I can't wait! I have no plans this weekend so I think a visit to the beach is in order!


  1. GREAT Job! The weather wasn't bad this morning down here either. I had 13 on my schedule and went ahead and made it 13.1 also :)

  2. omg that is so early. i was patting myself on the back for my 545 wake up haha. GREAT running. champ :)

  3. YAY!!!! Half way! :) Oh I'm so excited about Apalachicola! :)