Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day of Workouts

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, mine ended very well today.

This morning I made sure I got up early to head to the gym to get in my weights workout to start the week. John headed to Lawtey again so I was on my own to get everything done today.

The gym came first. After a 5 minute warm up, I started with 2 miles of hill repeats where I set the treadmill at incline of 8.0 and would run for 1 minute at speed of 6.5 and then walk for 1 minute at speed 4.0. I did this for 20 minutes which came out to 10 hill repeats total and ended just a little over 2 miles.

After the T-Mill I set out to do my leg weights which were killer, but will be SO helpful down the road. I really need to work on strengthening my hips so I went all out in this department.

Next up came the grocery store. I needed to get a few things for tonight's dinner as well as the weekly necessities. I have been meaning to try a new dish for the last month or so, and finally got around to purchasing the key ingredient today...

Check out this beast of a Spaghetti Squash. As I have read and heard from others this is an awesome pasta replacement that fills you up, gets in your veggie servings, and eliminates the high calories and carbs that come with a traditional pasta dish. Hopefully I can convince John that he needs to try it.

Once home with groceries unloaded I got dinner started in the crockpot, Chili was on the menu. I wanted to make it one more time before it gets too warm and it seems silly. I made sure to add some extra ingredients to give it some extra punch to it. I tackled the next 5 questions on my test, and actually managed to get through 6!!! I have 4 questions left and I have not even attempted them the remainder of the day.

Costco was an absolute nightmare considering I only needed 3 things. After that trip I knew I could not sit inside any longer and waste the beutiful weather I decided I could still do my bike ride as planned even if John wasn't here. I got myself all ready to go and came out to this sad face...

I decided that I would keep my ride short and come back and take Peachie for a jog.

I decided 30 minutes would be about 6 miles or so, and I set off to do a quick loop on our run route near the house. My legs were fatigued from this mornings workout, but I was determined to push myself.
27 minutes and 6.28 miles burned another 290 calories on the day- crazy.

I stopped at the house quickly to dseposit my bike, have an electrolyte beverage, and grab the Peach!!! I had about an hour left before I needed to be home, and I figured we could get 4 miles in. I knew Peachie could run but wouldn't last 4 miles so I figured I would do a light jog and take walk breaks every 4-5 minutes. She held up very well, and we got in all 4 miles!

We averaged a 13:51 pace which is awful for a run, but pretty good for the little doggie, especially considering, walk, sniff, and bathroom breaks.

After dinner I hit up my local favorite for dessert, and brought a friend with me for the ride

Peachie has thoroughly enjoyed the ride. And I thoroughly enjoyed my treat....

I even got John his own yogaberry! I'm beat and off to bed now, Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

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