Friday, February 26, 2010

Pink Babies

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! Boy I am glad the work week is OVER, even though I have a less than stellar weekend planned. I really wish I was in Tampa right now getting ready to run Gasparilla this weekend, but work and school I suppose need to get accomplished.

I have spent a lot of time this week reflecting back onto my race last weekend and how amazing it was. I am utterly amazed at what my body is capable of, and even more so that after 2 easy days I was itching to get back for more. I seem to have some serious racing fever and I really want to get in a 15k before the spring racing season ends, but work seems to be getting in the way of that. The 2 15k's I have the options to do I have to work both days- there must be some way around this.

After dealing with the disappointments of missing a few races I really wanted to do, I am being very thorough about getting the info and dates for all the fall races so I can make sure I get in everything I want. As rediculous as it sounds I am already looking into next springs race schedule- crazy I know!!!!!

So tonight after work John and I went to get something to help me with my spring/summer running...

Can you guess what it is, do you have any idea???? Yeah, I know you are all smarter than that...

It was time for new running shoes, my other ones had over 500 miles on them (the recommended amount) and while they were good neutral running shoes I knew I needed something with more stability and structure through the midsole.
Introducing my new Pink Babies!!!

These shoes are Asics Gel Kayano 16s, yes quite a long name. They are similar to my previous pair in that they offer a great deal of gel cushioning and are Asics.

These shoes have less flexibility throughout the midsole (think arch) and offer more stability and support through that area. I am considered an Over-pronator which means my feet role inwards as I land with each step which definitely can contribute to knee pain, and the appropriate shoes can help correct these form issues.

The additional structure through the midsole helps to counteract the rolling inward my feet do naturally- who knew a little pink shoe could fix all the rediculousness in my feet and knees :)

Can you tell that I am DYING to try these babies out!!! I have every intention of getting in a 6 mile run before work tomorrow. And despite the expected freezing temps I REFUSE to let their innaugural run be on a treadmill, so I will be suiting up in my warmest clothes tomorrow morning and heading out as the sun comes up in 38 degrees- the coldest I have ever run in.

I am interested to see how this plays out actually as I have every intention of watching the Speed skate finals in the olympics tonight, so 6:15am sounds a lot more painful than usual!

I want to say GOOD LUCK to Penny tomorrow in the Gasparilla 15k! You will do fantastic, wish I was there with you!!!

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