Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hello to all, sorry for my lack of posting this week. Today is Wednesday and I have already put in 12 hours of overtime this week. Today was our monthly start, but the madness will continue through tomorrow.

I have not eaten anything worth writing home about, nor have I taken any pictures to share with you so tonight you just get lots of rambling.

When the clock hits 12:01am it will officially be 10 days until the half marathon and I am so excited! I have a series of posts planned for next week leading up to the race and I am really hoping to reflect on all the things I have done and learned in the last 18 weeks.

Next week be prepared to see my thoughts on the following:
Sports Bras
Nutrition while Training
Weight Loss
Sleeping Habits
Training Plans
Race Morning Reflections

I am currently starting the drop into taper mode, and will be slowing down my workouts over the next 10 days. Part of me is excited about the rest and part of me gets antsy thinking about the inactivity that is in my future. Luckily I have been so busy this week that it has kept my mind off of it, and a missed workout due to a crazy schedule doesn't have me getting all panicked.

Tomorrow morning I plan to hit the gym for an easy 3 mile run on the treadmill since the 30 degree tempratures have returned. I also am going to scout out for a possible pair of new running capris as it seems we will be having cooler than anticipated race weather and my little skirt may not make the cut. We will see.

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