Saturday, February 20, 2010

T-Minus less than 24 hours

Hello All! Yes I have been a Huge blog slacker, I blame work (what else is new).

So we are now less than 24 hours til race time, and I did not get a chance to publish all the fun posts I wanted this week, so I combined them into
1 post that will be published tomorrow morning
stop by when having your cup of coffee to read and think of me as I am running!

If you are interested in tracking me or any other runner doing the 26.2 with Donna you can head to this website here and register for text or email updates.

Last night John and I headed up to the Race Expo to pick up all our stuff, Penny has also made the last minute decision to come run with us so we were getting 3 of everything last night. It was not too crowded so we weren't fighting hundreds of people to get our stuff. We went to Jason's Deli for dinner (My favorite!) and I got a roastbeef sandwich which I was craving. I will probably also have another for lunch today:)

So the loot, what you really care about right...

These were all the freebie's I managed to snag walking around through the different vendors. 2 bags, towels, waterbottles, activ-water, breast cancer braclets and pins, shoe wallets and some pace tattoos!

The race bag we were given as what came with our registration. It all had the pertinent race info, promos for other races and some other fun things like magnets, chocolate from Peterbrooke :), granola, chapsticks, pink bandans, and some sports authority coupons:) :) :)

Obviously the most important is the race shirt
A long sleeve Tech Tee which actually my pink running skirt nicely. This shirt will not be making an appearance tomorrow, but the original pink skirt will as the temps will be perfect!

Last night we watched Law Abiding Citizen as I sifted through my goodies.

Today, I woke up wanting oatmeal. it has been very cold this week, and I finally got around to wanting a hot breakfast, even though today wasn't that cold.

I couldn't finish my serving and Peachie had been begging for a lick at both John and my bowls so I let her go to town and finish mine off, I wish I had moved quick enough to capture a video but you will have to settle for this sub-par iphone pic.

I have some cleaning left to do before everyone makes it back from Lawtey today, and I still need to pick up a few things both for tomorrow and for John and I for the week.

DONT FORGET to check back in the morning for a Race Day post!

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