Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get Ready to Pump some Iron

Well this week has been dragging for me, don't know about you guys.
I think a lot of my lackluster week has been due to a lack of movement on top of a less than stellar work week.

Tonight I was able to get in my first post-race run of 3 miles. The weather did not hold out and I was sentenced to the T-Mill. I actually have come to love the revolving apparatus of death and kind of wish I had one in my living room. I love that it forces me to keep whatever pace I set it at, lets hope it will help me shave a sold minute of my avage pace over the next 18 weeks...

I have spent a good amount of time constructing a training plan for myself for the next 18 weeks. I knew I didn't necessarily need a full training plan, but it helps keep me focused and on track with my workouts when I already have them figured out and have a good balance for the week.

One thing that you will start seeing regularly in addition to all of the running is weight training. I know that strength training is SO important to overall fitness and strength and I have been seriously neglecting it for the last 18 weeks so tomorrow morning my weight training plan will begin.

I will be strength training 3 days per week and each day will consist of a different workout. The only thing that will be done on each of the 3 days is abs and low back.

Workout #1- Legs Day               
-Leg Extension                                                                      
-Prone Leg Curl                                                           
-Leg Press                                                                                             
-Abs/Low Back

Workout #2- Back/Biceps
-Lat Pull Downs
-Biceps curls
-Abs/Low Back

Workout #3- Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
-Arm Cross
-Chest Press
-Tricep Extensions
-Lat Raises
-Overhead Press
-Abs/Low Back

While strength training is the primary change you will see in my workouts, I am also wanting to do something different with my running starting Monday. Instead of just going out and running X number of miles, each run is going to have a purpose. I will be running 4x per week doing 1 of each a long run, tempo run (at race pace), speedwork or intervals, and an easy run. There will also be 1 day with a long bike ride (Sunday's) and Cross-training (either the stationary bike or hill walking). A 5th run may be added as an easy run some weeks and you may start to see some spinning take place too :)

I am really excited to be at a place where I want to continue with my serious running training but also play around with some new things and see how they pan out! I am hoping all the Iron Pumping will leave me looking lean and toned come beach season (which cannot get here fast enough!!!!).

Before and After pictures and Measurements will be coming as part of my Iron Pumping challenge to myself to see if there is really any difference. A picture-less post tonight will result in a picture loaded frenzy tomorrow!


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