Saturday, February 13, 2010

Free Weekend?

So I am utterly in shock that I have made it to a weekend where I truly have no real plans or obligations. True, I am sitting at work right now, but that was by choice. I volunteered to make this my scheduled Saturday to work this month so that I could have the next 2 weekends off :)

Last night John and I went to see the new movie Valentine's Day, it was good, kind of like an American Version of Love Actually, and done on Valentine's Day, not Christmas.

I have been catching up on a lot of reading this week, books, magazines, blogs, etc. as I seemed to have gotten behind. I am going to register for the GRE this weekend, I have been putting off registering to find the appropriate weekend, but I really need to stop procrastinating.

John is out working on the Corvette today in Lawtey, and after work I am pondering what to do with my free time this afternoon- maybe hunt down a pair of running capris as it seems we may have cooler temps for the race next weekend- also I might have to stop and Pick up a Valentine's Day present for the boy- we had said we were going to go to dinner tonight to celebrate, but have yet to make those plans at this time.

Today at 6pm I will be doing my last "Long Run" Before our race next weekend, and I say long but we are only doing 6-7 miles. This week will be the real tapering and I only have 3 more runs planned after today, they will probably be done on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. I also hope to get in a bike ride tomorrow. Monday will be a rest day or maybe a long walk. Wednesday will be some cross-training. And I will probably do a walk Saturday to keep the legs loose and get in one last good stretch.

In addition to a run and bike ride tomorrow, I need to grocery shop, do a little schoolwork, and that is all that is planned- shocking to have so little to do.

At work this morning I made my playlist for the half-marathon, and I am super excited about it! I know I probably won't get through the whole thing so I frontloaded all the songs I want to make sure I get a chance to listen to. I hoping to start to get a realistic weather forecast this week, as we can never seem to have a consistent forecast more than 3 days before so here is hoping for temps in the high 40s or low 50s, and slightly overcast- not wanting to bake in the sun.

Off to enjoy my free weekend!

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