Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Massage Envy-ous

Hello all and Happy Tuesday! Hopefully everyone's week is starting off well. Today had been circled on my calandar for weeks, as I had my first real massage scheduled. The few I had as part of my physical therapy years ago don't count.

Heather booked a massage for both of us at her favorite place, Massage Envy.

Massage Envy has a really neat package where you have a monthly membership that includes 1 free massage and then each additional 1 that month is at a reduced cost.

I was nervous that my mind would be wandering too much and that I would not be able to relax and let all my tension and soreness to be worked out, but not 3 minutes into it I looked like this chick

It was SO relaxing and I could instantly tell a difference. My calves/achiles that has been permanently tight for months was instantly loosened up.

As instructed I am drinking a good amount of water this evening, and am excited to see how I feel tomorrow. I think a massage to end a long training season or big race is great, and if I was running 50+ miles a week could be needed even more frequently, but for me, I am thinking every 3 to 4 months will be plenty.

Today Penny and I were collaborating about registering for the Disney Princess Half Marathon in 2 weeks, but with a lot going on we decided next year was better and we would make a big weekend out of it.

Well, with all that being said I think I have gone through and found my next race. I feel like I am still sorting through all the other ones, but for now I will be doing

The St. Patty's day 10k! This is a Sunday Race here in Jacksonville, and as much as I would love to get anohter 1/2 marathon under my belt this spring it does not seem in the cards with my current schedule.

I am really excited as this will be my first 10k and I feel really good about doing this distance and am already setting myself up for some lofty goals. I plan to do my first run of the week tomorrow, an easy 3 miler. Then 1 on Thursday then a 5-6 mile run this Saturday. After this weekend I feel I will have a better idea of what my pace goals should be.

Well I am off to drink more water and watch the basketball game. See you all tomorrow!

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