Monday, February 1, 2010

Crockpot Monday

So when I last left you all it was Friday night and all was Peachie. Saturday came and work was done: I both went to work and spent a majority of the day working on my test. We did manage to take Peaches on a 3 mile run/walk before the rain set in. We also had dinner at McAlisters, I am remembering why I used to love eating there so much, they have so many yummy choices!

Sunday morning John and I had intentions of making up our missed 12 mile run, well it was 40 degrees and windy when we woke up at 6am so I did some more of my test, and did the grocery shopping.

We returned home and were ready to run about noon, I pulled my cold weather clothes out again and got myself ready for the long challenge

Well about 30 feet out the front door in 42 degrees and plenty of wind I knew I had another date with the treadmill in my future

There was no 12 mile outdoor run, but I did get it 5 miles on the treadmill in just under 50 minutes so I suppose that is a good solid base, and we will really have to make our last long run this upcoming weekend count...

Sunday ended as usual, finishing the test from hell, doing laundry, peparing food for the week.

Monday at work was full of fires, and none seemed to end how I had hoped, oh well, such is work.
I did manage to sneak this little guy into my mid-morning snack and it was Amazing!!!

We got these gluten-free chocolate bars in our race bag from our race the weekend before and I had it sitting in my desk at work, and for some reason I had a slight sweet tooth. It was like a much less heavy kit kat bar, so tasty and only 140 calories for something the size of a granola bar.

I am implementing Crockpot Monday from now on. It gives us leftovers to give us 2 extra meals for the week (dinner Tuesday and Thursdays) AND it makes Mondays a little less stressful. I love coming home to a yummy smelling apartment, and today it smelled like Mexican.

I had been eyeing the recipe for Chicken Tortilla Soup and finally got around to making it. The chicken shredded SO easy after cooking for 7-8 hours

I topped my bowl a little sour cream and shredded cheese- YUM! It was really chunky with TONS of chicken.

After dinner I headed to the gym for 30 minutes of hill walking, and I had a blast listening to some songs I normally don't get to on my playlist. I am now indulging in the newest episode of 24 and working on my next training schedule. We will return to regular posts this week :)

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