Thursday, February 4, 2010

Opinions Needed

Hello to all, it a slow and dragging Thursday night here at work. After a very late night on Tuesday with the biggest loser I slept in yesterday and had a miserable time trying to pick out something to wear since the temps had turned south and all my pants were at the dry cleaners- doesn't it always work that way...

Last night John and I mixed it up with 4 quick miles on the treadmill. I have come to embrace the treadmill somewhat during the cooler months as well as the days where I don't have the energy or motivation to pace myself properly, it just does it for me:)

After our run I was ready to dive into the next chapter or Calc 2 (not excited about this one bit), but I am really excited to have a new study buddy...

Peachie had a blast watching Professor Burger and his Lecture on "U-Subsitution" She did not want down from my lap and watched intently for the entire 16 mintues of blabbering. We have one smart dog folks!

Today being my late day, I was in no huge rush to get out of bed, but I heard lots of noise coming from the kitchen...
John was making waffles, so I decided I also needed one! It was a great weekeday treat!

I topped my 2 squares with plain greek yogurt, 1/2 a pear and a banana- so yummy!
Even though it was my late day, I had to head into work early again, but not before retrieveing the dry cleaning, and a few other errands.

Today was a slow Thursday with some harsh realizations about the week ahead of us, so be prepared not to see me for a while.

Ok, now time for a very serious and very important opinion poll:

I am deeply conflicted about whether or not I should get a serious hair cut at my next appointment on February 15th.

The hair had gotten quite long, and while I like it and am attached (literally) it is becoming a pain! It wont stay up in a bun or anything while running because it is so thick and heavy and I can't stand it sticking to the back of my neck when it is just in a ponytail.It takes twice as long to style as short hair, and I don't even take advantage of all the fun things I can do with it now that its long.

So...I want an answer from EVERYONE!!     Cut it or Keep it?????????????  Jury is still out here.


One more opinion poll: Are polka dots acceptable for adults?

I am usually the first to walk away from the little girl pattern of polka-dots, but lately I have been seeing them EVERYWHERE!!! I stumbled upon the above dress at our favorite local target and tried it on becuase it looked like it would fit great and would be a good work item- well I was right, it fit perfect and then I realized "well, I would buy it, but I look like a 10 year old in a really grown-up dress"

If siad dress was all black I would have already worn it twice, but its like the depressed version of Minnie Mouse's signiture item.

For my fashion savvy freinds and readers please advise if polka-dots are grown-up acceptable....

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