Saturday, February 27, 2010

Speedy 6

Hope everyone is havnig a nice weekend. I am glad that it is not a beautiful and perfect weekend, because that would make it no fun to be stuck inside.

First things first, I want to give a major shout out to Penny for smoking the Gasparilla 15k today! She averaged a 7:49 pace for the 9.3 drizly miles in Tampa. Look for an awesome race recap

I got out of bed early this morning to do the 6 mile innaugural run my shoes were itching for, and it was fantastic. It was cold, but not nearly what I was expecting. I kept a really good pace the whole time and my splits look pretty awesome. John came and met me on his bike at about mile 3.5 and I took a small walk break to take my gloves off, remove headband, baisically do a wardrobe adjustment.

Towards the end of the run I was keeping my mimimum goal for my 10k in mind which is to finish in under 1 hour. I ran until 59:59 and then stopped to see how far I had made it...

Almost the full 6.2, and if I had not stopped to shed those layers I probably could have hade it. I was very pleased with a quick run in the early cold morning, and then proceeded to clean up and head to work.

My splits looked like this

6.14 miles in 59:59
-Mile 1:  9:38
-Mile 2:  9:39
-Mile 3:  9:47
-Mile 4:  10:28 :( Can you see where the walking/wardrobe change took a hit
-Mile 5:  9:35
-Mile 6:  9:38
-Last .14:  1:14.46 or a 9:05 pace

I did 1/5 of the test at work and had 2/5 more to do at home (10 questions). I managed to get through some, but lets face it, this is not high on my priority list.
I decided that there were better things that I could do with my time, and that I am much better at. Enter these

I decided chocolate chip cookies were appropriate, so they were baked.

Well, I did have an awesome post planned for you with my spring training plan but Google is giving me trouble, so be on the lookout for awesome-ness tomorrow!!

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