Friday, October 29, 2010

Zero Week

Happy Florida/Georgia Weekend to everyone! To say have been busy this week would be an understatement, but it all seems to have worked out perfectly.

This week has been what most training plans call Zero Week in terms of running, where you pretty much just recover all week. The only things I have done are take a few longer walks with the dog, some weights, and get myself feeling back to normal.

It took me until Thursday to feel 100% normal- not tired, unusually hungry or not hungry, and no more lingering pains. By Tuesday I felt good, but still had some pain in my right knee, it didn't scare me much since I knew that knee took more of a beating than the other one, so I just kept icing it and left it alone. By last night I had gone all day without it hurting, so I declared myself recoverd :) I am still not planning to run until Monday, but to be honest I think that is more by circumstance than by choice.

I got super lucky when planning out my October. Having the week following my marathon be the busiest week of the year with preparing to host a 25+ person party tomorrow has certainly forced me to rest this week because I had so much else to do, that I did not feel tempted to go out and run before I should. I am looking forward to getting back into my routine on Monday, and getting my mileage back up.

For those unfamiliar with the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (aka the Florida/Georgia game) you can read about last year's experience here.

This game has always been special for our family because it is a divided household, but it makes it so much fun, and must attend event every year. As you can imagine, being the home town sponsor for said event is kind of like training for a marathon, you put in a lot of time and preparation into everything for just 1 day.

So the last couple nights have consisted of a lot of this...

Feeding and drinking 25 outdoors is no small task, needless to say we have been making sure we had everything ready to go ahead of time just in case we needed to make further accomodations.

Last night with everything else ready to go, I finally got my butt into the kitchen to start on the food portion of the program. These little babies are SO fun and super easy...

Any excuse I can get to make them I do. I think I actually need more cookie cutters in my life, oh the fun I could have! My baking self stayed up waaay too late last night trying to get through everything, but I feel super awake today, I think it is all the lingering excitement!

I hope everyone has a great weekend, good luck to all those racing this weekend, I know there are a lot of Halloween races going on! See ya Sunday with a recap!


  1. it's good that you had lots of stuff to do post-marathon! the day after my first marathon finals week started at my school. talk about busy hahah.

    those football cookies look so cute? instructions on doing so? i think that they'd be perfect for going to a patriots game party :)

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying your week off!! :) I can't believe we picked the craziest weekend ever to come to town.

    Thanks for those routes! :)