Friday, October 15, 2010

Calf is Back

8 Days and Counting and the calf pain is back! I will say it is very different than the inner shin/calf pain I have had the last few weeks, those spots actually feel great (probably because I have been icing them 34354321 times a day) but my very low calf on the back of my leg (almost achilles area) is talking now. I hope this is just a "taper thing" which I assume it is because it seemed so random!

Last night I went out to do an easy 4-5 miles, and I had to stop at 4 because my calves were SO tight. Trying to stretch them mid-run was literally like trying to stretch a metal pole, there was just no way! Despite the awful calf cramps/pain/tension I managed a pretty good run. The goal was to keep it easy, and I was hoping for 2-3 miles at goal pace, especially since the weather was already getting nice last night- cool and breezy, and the sun was already going down at 6:30!!!!

4 Miles- 38:00 exactly:) 9:30 avereage pace
9:41, 9:35, 9:25, 9:19

I was actually really suprised that several times I looked at my watch I was below a 9:00 pace, and I figured that might be why my calves hurt, but I actually found the longer strides and quicker turnover helped more because my heel was less likely to hit the ground if I went faster, so hence the negative splits! I felt like I was going slow the whole time, but obviously not, I managed 3 quality miles 2 in my goal pace range, but I think speeding up helped disipate some of the pain and made the end of the run nice.

I rolled/stretched/iced when I got home, its really amazing how well those things actually work, if only I did them every time I ran ;)

So 1 week from right now I will be en-route to Apalachicola, scary right! It finally hit me when I got to work today and realized it was the weekend, that meant that next week is Race Week, the week I have been thinking about for months! Yesterday we had to send a co-worker home sick with an Upper Respiratory Infection- at least that's not contagious, but the cold that caused it is, so I am loading up on healthy things and healthy thoughts, I rarely if ever get sick, but when I do, it's bad, and it puts me down for a while, so I am not taking any chances. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend! Last long run tomorrow!!!!


  1. Rest extra this week! It's not going to hurt you (no matter how much you do rest). Hell, read keri's blog. She had to take the entire week off before her race and rocked a 3:29! Rest = good! There is nothing you can do to make next Saturday go better ... you can only do things to make it worse. So, rest!! Ice!! Rest more! Get that calf loose!!

  2. D@mn taper phantom pains. Just keep doing what you're doing, icing and being smart.