Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10 Days

AHHHHH, only 10 days until the race!!!!! I am officially starting to freak out a little bit, its so close, and I have so many things still to do:

-Pack (at least the packing list is complete)
-figure out how to get there, this place is really in the middle of no where
-stock up on my food and fuel necessities for the trip
-Decide on what to wear for the race

I still have no idea what I will be wearing for the race, I have the bottoms situation nailed down, but the weather is being soooo wishy-washy that I don't know what to do about the whole top situation. I wore the top I thought I would wear for the race for my long run last week, and since it has cooled off some it didn't get immediately sweat-soaked and stuck to me, and it kept moving which annoyed me, so I think that one is probably out, but if it is cool enough to wear a shirt, I need to figure out which one I will be wearing and decide ASAP since I will need to run in it this weekend otherwise I will refuse to wear it for the race.

Speaking of the weather I am stalking the 10 day forcast like it's my job. We are getting a cool (cold) front this weekend and looking at 73/53 as the temps for THIS weekend...if only the race was this weekend. From what it shows now there may be some rain late next week that helps cool it down some, so cross your fingers that we don't have "Chicago-Like" race conditions.

Tonight is my last track workout, and I am excited to meet with my coach again to go over my training plan that will be starting up again the first of November. I am glad to already be signed up for a few races for after the marathon so I don't just screw around with no plan in mind. To finish out this year here are the races:

- Women's Running Magazine Half Marathon (11/21)
- Outback Distance Classic (11/25- Thanksgiving)
- Festival of Lights 5k (12/11)
- Jacksonville Bank Half Marathon (12/19)


  1. You're running the half in St. Pete? Me too!!!

    Okay, you're way ahead of me. I haven't made a list, begun thinking about packing or directions or anything!! 10 days is still a ways out, right? Just kidding!

  2. i say pack EVERYTHING in terms of clothes. you might not end up deciding until the night before depending on if the weather forecast changes.

    yay for the last track workout! enjoy!