Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Plans

It's almost the weekend y'all, I know I am more than ready!

Last night my 2nd workout was at the track, not the usual " I went to the track and ran my intervals all by my lonesome". I had scheduled last night to go out and meet with the coach and team of Personal Running Solutions, who I am hoping to train with for my 2nd marathon in the spring (winter?).

I was SUPER nervous on my way over there, but all of that faded away quickly after meeting with the coach and a few girls before practice started. I was told we would do a 1 mile warm-up and ladders which was great because it was so similar to the workout I had already written on my schedule for the day.

So the plan was 1 Mile warm up, 1600, 1200, 800, 3x400 - 1 minute rest between each.
I was nervous about the 1 minute rest, granted, I usually never rest I keep running (slogging) for a 1/4 mile to receover, but I was curious to see how I did.

He put in the middle group which I felt seemed right with my skill level. When we started the first interval I found myself at the front of the pack and feeling so comfortable at the absurd paces I was running. I knew immediately that this was a good idea for me, I was already pushing faster than I would alone and feeling ok. I ended up finishing in the front of the group each time which was a great feeling!

Warm-up Mile- 9:06
1600-  7:47
1200-  5:48 (7:42 pace)
800-    3:49  (7:40 pace)
3x400-  1:43 (6:58p), 1:45 (6:58p), 1:37 (6:39p)
1/2 mile cool down- 4:27

Total 4.5 Miles to make it a fabulous 8.5 mile day.

The 800 and first 2 400s felt the toughest, but I knew I pushed myself and was a little out of my element so I was pleased with how well it went.

I had SO much fun out there, all the people were so nice and competitive enough that it was challenging yet still fun. The cool air was perfect, and as the sun started to go down they had the big lights on and music which brought me back to my high school days. I met so many fun people and I cannot wait to go back next week. The coach said I looked really solid and mentioned moving me to the next group for when I get back into it, I am not sure if I am ready for that though- they run really fast!!!!

That one workout has me absolutely sold on this group. I was 99% sure I wanted to train with them before I went yesterday, and now I know I really want to. The coach is exactly what I was looking for- he coaches how I used to coach with the same mentality and demeanor which I love. They do three runs a week which I can attend, or not if my schedule doesn't allow, but I am really eager to have people to do my long runs with, I am hoping that will help me push more and run faster and longer. We talked after the practice about my goals for my next race and what I was looking to add/change/etc. He and I will be working over the next 2 weeks to get a training plan together for my next race(s). SO Excited!!!!

I have my last "long run" planned for tonight and then its really taper time, yay!!!!!


  1. Awesome workout! Sounds like a blast. And the middle group on your first time out?! Congrats! Yay for taper!

  2. another awesome workout girl! yay for group running too and hizzah it's almost the weekend :)