Saturday, October 16, 2010

Last 'Long Run'

Happy Weekend everybody! We are officially 1 week away now, I am very excited and very nervous!

This morning I had my last long run on the schedule, it was supposed to be 8-10 miles at goal pace. We had a front move in yesterday to cool it off for the weekend, and it was a chilly 54* when I started my run at 6:45am!!!! I REALLY wish our race had been this weekend, because the perfect weather is not supposed to last past Monday, boo:(

I made an attempt at what I was hoping was another race outfit possibility today, well lets just say it was another wardrobe FAIL! I also tried putting my phone in my spibelt instead of just keys and gu. I was thinking if it didn't annoy me that I could race with it. So many people take pictures during the race and I thought that it could be fun, but after 1 miles I decided that it was not sitting right and unless I wanted to put the spibelt at my true waist which is practially my bra line, it was not going to work, so I turned around and ditched it at home at mile 2.

The first 4 miles total I found it harder to hit my goal pace, my lungs were kind of burning, and those 9:25 paces felt harder than any mile I ran during my half a few weeks ago. I decided that it was the cooler air and my lungs not being used to it. I felt great in the cold air, except my fingers, they got quite cold, but I would never bring out gloves in 50* weather.

8 Miles- 1:13:31, 9:11 average pace
Mile 1-  9:36
Mile 2-  9:29
Mile 3-  9:21
Mile 4-  9:05
Mile 5-  9:11
Mile 6-  8:54
Mile 7-  9:05
Mile 8-  8:46

So the run went really well, I was super happy with how I felt even though the paces seemed tough, they came pretty easy. The 5th and 6th mile (9:11 and 8:54) were the easiest miles by far and they weren't even the downhills. I almost wish I had done the 10 since I felt so good, but I will take a super quality 8 miler.

I definitely needed the confidence boost that came with such a good/fast run. I kept trying to slow down but all it did was drop from an 8:30 mile to a 8:55 mile, so hopefully my goal pace next weekend will feel smooth and easy.

Since this is pretty much the end of the road now, I spent my post-run time icing, taking a bath, stretch/roll, and giving myself a mini-pedicure. I am too afraid to let anyone else touch my feet right now, but they needed some attention, so I got rid of all the dead skin and updated my nail polish, fun! We are off to watch football tonight, and run a million errands tomorrow, good luck to all this weekend's racers, can't wait to read all the race recaps!!!


  1. I decided to run at 9:00 this morning. It was HOT - or sunny rather, but still kind of hot. I ran 8 in 1:07:01 and it may have been the toughest 8 miles I've ran all season .... So, time to rest, right?!

    One week exactly and we'll be approaching the finish line!

  2. PS: Glad your race pace feels easy! I have a feeling that you're going to have an amazing marathon debut!

  3. Wow, that is beautiful running weather! Especially for Florida, I'm sure. It always takes me a couple of runs to get used to breathing the cold area again, so I wouldn't worry about taking a few miles to get going. I'm sure you won't have that problem next Saturday. One week! yay!

  4. sending good vibes that the weather is nice! what a great run too. i totally predict that you are going to do very well next weekend. you're legs are where they need to be and you're confidence is high. most excellent :)

  5. I am glad your run gave you a confidence boost!