Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Other Side of the Drawer

Happy Hump Day everyone, I have been MIA this week, super busy on deck here, and it is about to get even busier. Thanks to everyone for the kind comments on my race, it was a fantastic race, and I am so energized for my marathon now- only 17 days away, craziness!!!!

So to get you up to speed- I took Sunday off per usual, but my legs felt suprisingly fresh considering I had done a very quick race the day before- only some hamstring tightness, but again what else is new.

Monday:  7 Mile tempo- I opted to break this tempo run down a little slower and shorter than I normally would, my claf/shin was feeling better and I really did not want to go all out and anger it, especially since I had a nice quick race on Saturday.

I did the first 5 miles alone - 45:17 and did kind of like a progression through my easy and hard tempo paces and then back down, if that makes any sense.

Mile 1-  9:43
Mile 2-  8:57
Mile 3-  8:34
Mile 4-  8:53
Mile 5-  9:09

After those 5 I picked up John to do the last 2 since he also wanted to run. I took these last 2 nice and easy, I had gotten in my quicker miles, and did not want to piss off the leg. 2 Miles- 19:57 (10:04, 9:53)

For a total of 7 Miles- 1:05:14

Tuesday- I woke up to some tight muscles, and as much as I really wanted to run in the perfect fall weather I opted for some cross training since I knew I had big runs planned for today and Thursday. I loathe the stationary bike at the gym- like seriously. I can do spin class, but asking me to do it by myself is just torture.

Wednesday:  Today I am attempting one of my favorite things- Double workouts! I actually love doing doubles, and I have missed them. They have not really been ideal for marathon training since it basically gives you 2 shorter runs for the day and doesn't necessarily help you focus on endurance, but it worked out well this week.
This morning I was SO excited to get out in the fall weather to run, and for the first time in countless months, I reached to the other side of my shirt drawer to grab a shirt with sleeves for my workout today.

It was obviously dark, and a cool 60* with only 55% humidity and a breeze- bliss! I was almost cold at first, but better to be cold than hot I have learned. The temperature changes have started to make a noticable difference in my paces as well which I love, all that sweating this summer will hopefully pay off as we get into winter.

I did 4 Miles this morning @ goal marathon pace. I was actually hoping to see a little bit quicker splits considering all the rest of me felt so good, but for some reason my calves siezed up again during my run, and despite stopping to stretch at mile 2, they tensed back up within a half mile, so all things considered I am pleased with how it went, I was still in goal pace range, and all but the 1 mile were under, so no complaints.

4 Miles-  37:43, 9:25 pace
Mile 1-  9:27
Mile 2-  9:39
Mile 3-  9:20
Mile 4-  9:17

Even though the calf seizing came back, today it was just the muscle, not my actual shin bone that was hurting, so that is an improvement from last week when it was mostly shin pain and muscle soreness from trying to compensate from it. I think all the icing has seriously paid off. I am rocking my compression socks at work today in hopes of loosening up my calves before going to the track tonight, hopefully they work!

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  1. yay double workouts. i love them too and i wish my schedule allowed them more. great to hear that the seizing was only with the muscle today. hope the calf loosens up more though!