Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Race Week

Today is Tuesday and T-Minus 4 days until the race, and I do not feel ready.
I went out for another run this morning, 4.5 miles, and while my legs seemed fine, my lungs acted like they were being abused, it was almost like a claustrophobic feeling, not at all what you expect when you go out for a cool run in the dark.

4.5 Miles- 41:42, 9:16 average pace
Mile 1-  9:38
Mile 2-  9:05
Mile 3-  8:57
Mile 4-  9:20
last .5-  4:42 (9:25 pace)

This was supposed to be an abbreviated tempo and it was ok, nothing too crazy, I wanted to remind my legs again what it was like to run fast, but not too fast. But I felt really out of it since my breathing was all wacky, it almost reminded me of how winded I used to get when I first started running, it really made no sense. I am not really putting much stock in this run, and it doesn't have me doubting anything, but I feel like I have rested far too much during this taper and that makes me worry that I have lost everything I put in early on. Don't worry, I won't go do anything crazy like try and run 20 miles tonight to see if I still can, but it leaves me a bit weary and thinking "have I really done enough in the last 5-6 weeks that my body will remember how to run for 4 hours without stopping"? I know everyone says its normal to have those doubts, but these don't seem like irrational fears, I feel like I have solid proof to back it up, making it seem all the more legitimate, oh well, too late now, what's done is done.

On a more cheery note I did spend a good hour yesterday on Google Earth dragging my little virtual man down the entire race course to check out the terrain, elevation changes, possibilities for my bike pacer, places to be afraid of, and to try and figure out how I plan to pace myself. There are some serious advantages on this course and in my opinion it would dumb not to take advantage of them, so I spent a while going through thinking about where I would hope to hit some faster times and where I would play it conservative.

On deck for tonight is finally getting around to making a new playlist, and starting the packing extravaganza, I was tempted to pull out the suitcase last night, but I with held in fear it would make me seem crazy. ANy good song suggestions for the playlist, I desperately need some new music!!!


  1. race week continues. let me tell you girl that YOU ARE READY! and i have a "pre-boston" playlist that i listened to on the way to the start. if you want i can email it to you :)